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Welcoming August…Speedy And Reflective

‘Rabbit Rabbit’ it’s the first of the month! May August bring in peaceful, loving and abundant energy for all.

This month is going to feel just like the title of this post…speedy and reflective! Not only do we have several planets currently retrograde, but we also have a determined and electric energy to the air. The smell of change is afoot personally and collectively.

To start the month off the Sun and Mercury are in passionate Leo, Uranus is in Taurus (about to station retrograde), Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius and Jupiter is in Aquarius. All fixed energy…meaning, determined and level.

On the positive side, we have the energy to see our projects through, to complete what we have started.

Sunday 8/8, 9:49 AM ET, we have a bold and creative New Moon in the sign of courageous Leo.

A New Moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle, the movement of the moon through its different phases.

New Moons are a time of new beginnings.  The beginning of a new cycle, a time to initiate plans and projects, get things moving, a fresh start. 

Abundance surrounds this energy.

New Moons are auspicious times filled with promise and opportunity.

The Sun aligns with the Moon in the sky when it’s a New Moon meaning, that they are in the same sign –Leo.

Leo energy is all about the heart. This is where we take center stage in our own lives, where we shine our light. This fire sign also speaks to creativity, pleasure, love and children.

When we funnel our manifestation powers toward all of these areas, the Lion inside all of us can roar.

Important to mention, the energy is intense and electric leading up to this New Moon (and all of August actually) as we are also under the Lions Gate energy, the 8/8 portal. The body is definitely feeling this, so do take care of the physical. Drink your water, practice deep breathing, ground yourself in nature. *More on this in above video.

With planet Uranus strong this month, it’s safe to practice a little more flexibility. Plans can and will likely change in a flash. Remaining open-minded is key.

Practice peace by leading with love and mastering the pause before any type of reaction.

Observe don’t absorb. Respond don’t react. Yes easier said than done, but important to remember during these times of intensity.

Use this beautiful and creative New Moon to go deep into the heart space, to express yourself and bring in all that you desire.

Much Love,


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