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Welcoming Gemini Season ♊️ With A New Moon On Friday

5/20 the Sun shifted from the solid earth sign of Taurus, into the more whimsical, versatile and communicative sign of the twins, Gemini.

Happy birthday to all of the Gemini souls of the zodiac!

This sign is all about having some fun and collecting and dispersing information while they are at it.

Chatty, witty, and sometimes scattered this sign is quite intellectual and will know facts about many different topics.

They can and will keep you entertained for hours as they are quite funny.

Fun loving, quirky, light hearted and sometimes appearing light headed, this sign moves through life swiftly.

As a  mutable sign they are adaptable, curious and constantly seeking to change things up.  They are usually very ‘go with the flow’ and can change so quickly that they can make your head spin!

Have any Gemini companions?  You know what I mean!

*These traits are not only for Gemini Sun but also the Moon and/or rising or a lot of other Gemini energy in ones chart can appear this way.

As the Sun cruises through this sign we have some heavy-duty energy to contend with.

Shocker, right?!

Some of this astrology feels light and breezy (much like this air sign) where other parts feel quite conflicted and deeply cathartic, introspective.

Here we go…..

Friday 5/22 we experience a speedy New Moon in Gemini.

New Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are conjunct each other, together in the same sign.  The energy of that sign is enhanced, magnified and feels abundant and fruitful.

New Moons are times for new intentions, new beginnings.

This New Moon is making a very supportive trine to planet Saturn, the planet of responsibility.  Gemini promises fun while Saturn promises work.

With this trine, we are emotionally supported.  We feel the glue beneath our feet keeping us planted firmly on the ground while allowing our ideas to take flight.

Some normalcy begins to return to our structures, our environment.

Mercury and Venus will make a nice conjunction the morning of this New Moon, which may bring in an unexpected message that is welcome.  Enjoy it!

Remember though, Venus is retrograde in the fickle sign of the twins until the end of June.

This will have us questioning and reexamining all of our relationships.

Everything related to the planet Venus is up for review in our personal lives.  This is love, money, beauty and self-worth.

For some this can feel like a mini identity crisis, for others there can be a big breakthrough.

*If you would like a deeper look into the theming of the Venus retrograde for you personally, go back to 2012….look at the Venusian areas of life at that time and what was happening….this should give you insight into this Venus cycle.

On a heavier note, Mercury will be squaring Neptune which can feel like a mini Mercury Retrograde.

For a moment in time (perhaps a few days) expect communication to feel less fluid and if you are extra clumsy or scattered, this is why.

Allow yourself some extra time and space….oh and cut yourself some slack, will ya?  We are under heavy energy, let me say it again.

At the same time, Mars is squaring Neptune.

Mars wants to act, Mars wants to blast through barriers and come out the victor.

When the ‘God of War’ planet Mars is in the water sign of Pisces, he gets tripped up, confused and stuck.  It is hard for Mars to swim in the cloudy waters of the fish and he can feel immobilized and directionless.  You may feel this way as well.

This too shall pass.

Pay attention to what your soul, your intuition, is saying to you at this time.

Like I keep saying, be your own guru!

Forget the news, forget what others tell you.

When something resonates with you, you go with it.  When it speaks loudly as a ‘NAH’?  You don’t go with it.

There is a lot of mis-information out there at this time, and Gemini is all about messages, communication, doing our own research.

Be sure to do this now or you can and will be misled!

I will end this with a quote I have always loved (not sure of the original source).

Those that mindlessly follow the herd eventually end up in the slaughterhouse

Happy New Moon everyone!

Set some intentions, reach for the stars.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, all about communication especially written, so use this time to put in all on paper.

A little more below on the energy.

Peace & Love,


Much Love,


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