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Welcoming March..New Month, New Energy ????

March is here! May this month bring in blessings and happy news for all.

In the Northern Hemisphere Spring is right around the corner, as is the Astrological New Year with Aries season beginning and the Spring Equinox 3/21.

Renewal, rebirth, regeneration….a beautiful flower ready to bloom in all different colors. Spiritually, this is what the season of Spring represents ???? .

This month has a more light-hearted feel cosmically and energetically. Yes, naturally there will be rough patches here and there, but for the most part it will feel more sweet and smooth than it has in months past ‘So it is’.

There are ZERO planets retrograde for quite some weeks going forward (a feel we have not had in quite some time)….so…’all systems a go’ for a bit.

Having said that it is still important to remain conscious and practice vigilance and self-awareness. Staying within your truth and honoring your own heart-centered guidance above all else, is very important this month.

The overall theme of March is: Feeling, Dealing and most importantly, healing. Ultimate freedom of and from, past hurts and burdens.

Much Love,


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