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Welcoming October🍂🌞🎃

Early October Astrology & Energies⚡️

‘Rabbit Rabbit’, it’s the first of the month!

May October usher in some peaceful and beautiful moments for all.

October is by far, my favorite month of the year. Energetically, it always charges me up. The change of seasons, the brisk mornings and evenings with some warmth throughout the day. The smells of fall, HALLOWEEN🎃.

This month starts off kind of chill, yet not!

There is a lot going on ‘up there’ which naturally, affects us ‘down here’. The planets hold energy, we are energy and we do respond to the cosmic rhythm, no doubt about it!

Mercury stations direct at the very beginning of the month, then Pluto will station direct. Scorpio season begins and we have a super-charged, partial Solar Eclipse/New Moon (which actually carries some nice energy)!

We have our Full Moon in Aries 10/9.

Full Moon In Aries Through The Signs

At the end of the month, good old Saturn will station direct and then Mars will station retrograde!

You see, all of this can truly deplete us physically, especially as we are building up to the reverse motion of Mars.

Mars is the planet of energy, action, force and drive.

As Mars begins to slow down collectively, we slow down…whether we want to or not! Most of the time, we don’t want to and this is where the conflict can come in.

Mars also rules over conflict…he is known as ‘The God Of War’, after all!

I will come back with more on all of this soon, but awhile back I put out a reading on the importance of this Mars cycle.

Particularly, on this retrograde through the signs.

Mars Retrograde

Even with all of this and throughout, there are many bright spots to be had this month. Sometimes, we just need to dig a little deeper to get to them!

As we move towards this Mars retrograde, our physical energy can deplete quite quickly, we may feel more zapped.

Take good care of the physical body, be sure to get rest when you are being called inward.

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Much Love,


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