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Westchester County, NY Workshop- Introductory To Crystals/Gemstones

Are you curious about Crystals/Gemstones?  Are you drawn to specific ones?

The ones you are drawn to are not random- that is your soul telling you there is something in that stone for you!

A vibration that you need to work with, a part of you that needs some extra TLC, an addiction you need help kicking, etc.

There really is a Crystal for everything.

Want to learn more about these beautiful energy amplifiers?  Then this workshop is for you!

Did you know, that aside from being stunningly vibrant and beautiful, all of these different Crystals (and there are literally, thousands) have specific healing properties?

There are also very specific ways you can choose your Crystals and sometimes, the Crystal chooses you!

Cleaning and caring for your Crystals is very important as well- we will also talk about this at the workshop.

If you are in the NY, Westchester County area, you should definitely check out this two-hour, introductory workshop held at The Temperance Center on Sunday, 9/30.

If you are interested, please learn more by following this link.

Link to full post about Crystals here.

Peace & Love,


Much Love,


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