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Working With The Energy Of Monday’s Energetic, Rare And Total Solar Eclipse

It’s here.  The event that’s been talked about all Summer.  Can you feel the energy?  The shift?

Monday, 8/21 as of 2:25 EST,  we have a rare and powerful total Solar Eclipse.  The last one was back in 1979!

All of North America will be able to see some sort of Eclipse action, some glimmers of light around the Moon.  Dependent upon where you are you will even see a ‘chunk’ taken out of the Sun.

The Eclipse will cross the entire contiguous United States, beginning in Oregon and ending in South Carolina.

There are many groups and organizations out there with literature on how Eclipses are divinely guided.  Many cathartic events take place on or between Eclipses- this is true, both literally and spiritually.

Don’t be surprised if this weekend and Monday especially,  time seems to stand still. Don’t be surprised if there’s an eerie feeling in the air.

The winds of change are upon us.

soalr eclipse

What this Eclipse means from the scientific standpoint is that the Sun, Moon and Earth are basically, in perfect alignment.  The Moon will essentially be overshadowing and blocking our view of the Sun.  Very powerful stuff, indeed!

The Sun is the light while the Moon is the darkness.

The Sun sees our ego, the Moon sees our soul.  Go deep and digest this.  At this time, the Moon (dark) will be overshadowing the Sun (light).   There’s really nothing to be afraid or embarrassed of as the darkness surfaces if only for a moment in time.  Work through it.

Ask yourself:  Where is my light?  Where is my darkness?

Go within, be honest and honor both.  Spiritually empower yourself and learn how to integrate the beauty of your light and your shadow side.

This is also a New Moon in flamboyant and theatrical Leo.  New Moons are all about planting seeds, tending to them, and allowing them the space to germinate, to sprout new life.  

This is the second New Moon of Leo in a row,  which is rare enough by itself.  Expect a showdown to occur as a cumilation of events since the last New Moon in Leo brought us here.

Where are you on your individual journey?

The previous Leo New Moon took place on 7/23.  Ask yourself what seeds you planted at that time.

Are you tapping into your creative juices?  What have you manifested?  Are you operating from your heart center?  What has changed or been swept away? Who or what has been added to, or subtracted from, your life?

These questions and more will all be ‘issues’ under this intense Solar Eclipse.

NGS Picture Id:1500684

Leo asks us to go deep within to our heart and our soul.  To have courage, to embrace who we truly are and what we are here to accomplish.

Leo shows up in a big way.  We have two Leo New Moons in a row- really think about this.  This is what this Eclipse is asking all of us to do.  Show up for ourselves first and foremost, and then we can show up for others.

Don’t be afraid to shine, to live and breathe your purpose.  The North Node is atop all of these Moons and at critical degrees, meaning, extremely potent and powerful.

The North Node is our karmic path this lifetime, it’s where we are going, what we are moving towards.  How we show up and show off.  We are meant to do this but it is not always easy or comfortable.

The past Leo New Moon in July began to blaze a path for us.  How are we honoring and following that?  Are we moving towards our North Node, our purpose?

Under Leo, it’s difficult to just ‘sit back and relax’,  and any area in which we have sat idle, could potentially receive a serious wake-up call.  Remember: this is internal as well, not necassarily external, although it most certainly can be.

Hello, it’s your soul here- leave the ego behind and move your ass.

So how do I work with this energy, you may wonder?

First and foremost you need to understand that this does affect us on the energetic level.  We as humans sense and feel many things before they happen, but we are too wrapped up in the ego to notice or honor these feelings and impressions.

But the soul knows, the soul aways knows.

Meditation is key.

I’m sure many of you reading this will attest to the fact that you have been feeling ‘off’ lately.

Extra emotional, sensitive, weepy and irritated.

Exhausted, lethargic, disrupted sleep patterns, dreams.

Not wanting to be around others unless you have to be.  More introverted and introspective.

Many of you have expressed to me that your pets and children have been off as well.

Yes, these are just some of the effects of all of the energy swirling around right now, but particularly, that of this Eclipse.

Eclipse energy is powerful, and to work with this, we will treat this as any New Moon, but try and make this one more serious.  Intentions set now will most definitely set the course for the next phase of your journey.

*Remember- we are under the influence of Mercury retrograde, so keep your internal dialogue as honest and as positive as possible.

You can do this on your own or with some peeps that are also nerdy and spiritual like you 😉  I kid, I kid.  I do like to do these with other people, but by yourself is just as powerful.

Get a piece of paper, and write down what you wish to manifest or change under this Eclipse/New Moon.

Light a candle, or candles (preferably White for purity).

Work with your crystals if you have.  (I like to build a grid with my crystals but you need not get fancy.)

I switch them up depending on the energy, but for this Eclipse I will be using:

Moonstone- aids inner growth and strength.  Helps to stabilize emotions and assists with mood swings. Enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters.

Bloodstone-helps with the physical body to purify and detoxify. Clears away impurities. Brings love into any situation.

Tanzanite-brings clarity to any situation.  Transforms negative energies into positive ones.  It also assists in manifesting your own self rather than being influenced by others or trying to conform to the norm. (Important for honoring the North Node).

Selenite-for purity and working with the angelic realms and spirit world.

Hematite-to ground one self and for spiritual protection.   Also keeps negative energy from entering .

Labradorite-enhances intuition, and allows ones individual abilities to surface.

Shungite– I always use this stone!  As very busy humans, we are always on our electronics.  This stone neutralizes the impact of electromagnetic radiation, helping us to not take on negative charges.  I am using this for the Eclipse as we are also under Mercury Retrograde and Mercury rules electronics.

Feel free to use no stones at all, or any that you may have.

Burn your paper afterwards it or keep it with you in a safe place to reflect upon at the next New Moon , to revisit your intentions and your progress.

Happy Solar Eclipse!  Stay in your magic.

I will be down at the beach with some friends for the Eclipse.  Going off the grid for a few days and cannot wait. 

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