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Working With Crystals/Gemstones

Crystals, also interchangeably referred to as Gemstones, are powerful little healing accompaniments.

Spiritually, emotionally and physically, Crystals can truly detoxify, relax and empower you.

Athletes are even flocking to their magical powers to help them with their sleep,  stamina , and even to help enhance their chances of winning competitions and games!

This is not a trend or a fad, Crystals have been used for ages in healing practices.

I have been working with Crystals for many years, and I can promise you, they do work with the proper care and intention.

Remember: intention is everything. 

 I have seen with my own eyes, how Crystal healing has helped with skin issues and more serious things such as shrinking a tumor, how they have helped with bad dreams and insomnia.  It is not BS.

I am not saying that Crystals cure everything or even anything, but they sure do help.

There are many different crystals, and they all have different properties, functions and healing components.

Crystals are specimens and minerals that are derived from the earth.  You always want to buy them from a reputable source, such as a well-known online retailer, or a legit spiritual shop that carries them.

I am going to be honest with you and there are no exceptions- they do not work if they are not real.

Unfortunately, many people dye glass specimens, and try to pass them off as Crystals.  Or even worse, they take the real Crystal, and file and polish it down so much, that the power of the Crystal is very weak, and has been tampered with way too much to carry forward its original, powerful energy.

So if you are serious about trying out some Crystals, let me give you some reputable online resources that I have personally purchased from, links below.

I love this company

And this one

Happy shopping!

If you are really interested, and would like to attend a two-hour introductory workshop about Crystals with yours truly, click here for info.




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