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πŸ‚ Honoring The Autumn Equinox πŸ‚

Hello Autumn πŸ‚ Season Of Harvest

9/23 2:50 AM ET, The Sun departs Virgo and enters the sign Of Libra.

Happy Birthday to all of the Libra souls…it is your time to shine!

With the entrance of the sun into Libra, the season of Autumn begins.

We are entering a powerful time of year where in the Northern Hemisphere it Is the Autumn ( Autumnal) Equinox and in the Southern Hemisphere, it is the Spring ( Vernal) Equinox.

Regardless of your hemisphere, this is a spiritually significant passage of time as the Sun moves into the sign of Libra on 9/23 2:50 AM ET ( adjust for your time zone). 

We experience equal parts of daylight and darkness with the Equinox.

The sign of Libra is all about BALANCE. Think: Yin/Yang, equality, diplomacy, partnership of all kinds…this is what the sign of Libra represents. 

This is the season of harvest, a time to take spiritual stock and inventory of where we have been, where we are currently, and where we are headed; a time to check in with our higher self, our goals, intentions and motivations.

In the Southern Hemisphere you are springing forward, you are going into a time of rebirth, a time to sow the seeds you planted in the darkness of winter. Reflecting on that which is ready to come forward, to bear fruit…this is your celestial check-point.

In the Northern Hemisphere , we get ready for harvest. We take all of the knowledge that we have acquired and we go inward, we reflect until the Winter Solstice 12/21 when we all reach the next celestial  check point… only twelve weeks away!

There is a strong energy of RELEASE at this time: mind, body, spirit.

Where can you or must you, let go to grow? 

What patterns, behaviors, relationships, old story lines, self-critical and condemning narratives are we ready to rid ourselves of , once and for all? It’s not easy, but a necessary process of the souls evolution.

Think of the symbolism of the leaves changing colors, then they fall, only to return again next season more colorful and fuller than before .

β€œThe trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go”

We also have a powerful FULL MOON in Aries on 9/29 a SUPERMoon , which is all about ME and WE.

We are all at a crossroads and we can feel like we are in a pressurized container.. many are struggling with imposter syndrome , or identity -crisis – like emotions such as β€œwho am I”?  

*This is especially potent if you have strong Cardinal energy which is Libra, Aries, Capricorn and/or Cancer. 

I will be back with a reading on that powerful Full Moon soon.

Until then, be well and remember: for every season, there is a reason. This is reflected by the current equinox energies, the season of harvest.

Much Love,


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