Lisa Salvatore


My reading with Lisa is the first one I’ve experienced. She is highly knowledgeable in the astrology portion of the session and the insight gained was priceless. Lisa’s intuitive/psychic abilities added an additional dimension to the session. The guidance it provided gave me the validation I needed for a career decision and direction, peace about what’s to come in the area of love, and family. It’s as if the session somehow broke through a block I couldn’t break through on my own. It left me with a renewed sense of hope for the future and so much gratitude for finding her. If you’re on the fence about a session, I recommend her with the highest confidence that you too will be glad you did.

– Kathy Carrington

On a journey of enlightenment, we all need people like Lisa Salvatore to guide us through and help us understand where we came from and more importantly, where we are going during this lifetime. She is a not only a gifted and extremely intuitive medium, but also a caring soul, that offers informative practical advice to light our path. I can’t wait for another session

– Johnny

I’ve had many readings in my life by many different intuitives, but never any like the ones I’ve received from Lisa. She’s beyond amazing! She has the sweetest soul that just touches you and has an amazing way of calming you. She explains things in a different way, helps you understand the root and reasoning behind any questions or obstacles you have in your life. Her knowledge of astrology is like nothing I’ve ever seen. It’s not just a reading with Lisa it’s a look into your soul. Her readings are always dead on correct and you will walk out of it with an understanding of your higher self and how to get what you really want for yourself. When Lisa tells you something, listen up!! Because she really is the most gifted person I’ve ever met with a heart of gold!

– Anna

Lisa I am sorry for the late email but I wanted to thank you while the reading was fresh in my mind (I cannot wait to receive the recording ). First, allow me to apologize for my ‘closed off attitude’ as you politely stated, and for calling me right out on it. I needed that and I love your honesty! I consider myself an intelligent man and never even knew I had a birthchart, that everyone did. I am grateful my wife insisted I get mine deciphered by you. What you were able to pick up on, to intuit, was nothing short of amazing. You truly have a gift and I intend to implement a lot of what we discussed moving forward. I also would like to thank you for allowing me the space to fill in the blanks, even though you already knew the answer. You can tell that you do this work with love in your heart and that you have integrity. If anyone is thinking about having a reading with you, they should do it now! But these readings should come with a warning: prepare to have your soul shook (in the best way possible). Thank you, Lisa.


Lisa has consistently offered valuable counsel and real life practical guidance throughout the years and during several of my most challenging life experiences.   She literally saved my life by picking up on a serious medical issue that I would have to contend with.  I didn’t want to believe it but as always, she was spot on.  Had she not gently nudged me to go and get checked out, I would have avoided it and been in a much worse situation.  Lisa’s direction and honest feedback are extremely accurate in assessing current challenges as well as forward paths and opportunities.  Lisa articulates complex astrological signs and meanings in very practical and enlightening terms.  Lastly and most importantly, she is a genuine and sincere person who really cares about her clients and their well being.  Thank you for everything Lisa!

– Dan D

I’ve shared this with Lisa before, I’ve had three life changing readings in my lifetime and her reading was one of them.  As a client, I’ve come to see that Lisa has many gifts but her down to earth caring manner is so valuable. She’s able to share profound information in such a clear and kind manner. Her intuition is always spot on, and her ability to connect with your souls purpose can only be described as profound. 

– Grisela

I contacted Lisa for an answer to a direct question.  Not only did she answer the question I asked, but she answered the questions my soul was really asking.  I could not believe the accuracy in her responses.  She legitimately helped me make one of the most important decisions of my life and I credit her with providing the sense of peace I needed to move forward. Thank you Lisa!

– Sara

I have found an incredible level of peace and healing in my body and soul thanks to Lisa. I believe the universe connected us. I was working through an incredible emotional trauma caused by the end of a decades-long marriage. While I was dealing with the pain of my life’s foundational relationship of 30-plus years being shattered, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to cope with the physical and mental recovery from treatment.As a sign of love and support, some dear friends who had experienced Lisa’s intuitive gifts gave me a session with her as a present and recommended I connect with her. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical. How was this going to work, would it work? I had no experience with Reiki. The thought of doing what was defined as “hands-on” healing “virtually” did give me pause.  However, I knew I needed something more to help me heal.  My clinical treatment was over and my prognosis was optimal. I had been seeing a therapist for months and while it helped, I felt like there was something lacking, some level of healing I just couldn’t reach through talk therapy.My first healing session brought a huge emotional release for me. Pent up feelings were dispersed after the first session. That night I had a dream so very real, it allowed me to confront someone who had hurt me deeply and in a way that allowed me to let go of so much anger and pain. Then ongoing sessions brought me true peace in my soul. I want others to know the spiritual healing is real, and I’m so thankful I found Lisa.So I encourage you to trust and open your mind, heart and soul and let the healing begin!

– Tami

Lisa is such an amazing person first of all! She’s genuine and simply a good, good soul who makes it so easy to understand all aspects of what she does! She loves helping people understand themselves. She is truly gifted and her intuitive nature is honestly amazing! I’ve never seen anyone do what she does and how she does it!!

– Lauren

My experience with Lisa was very electric and connected-feeling right off the bat. She is engaging and warm and makes you feel comfortable, and I felt like we clicked immediately. As she dug into my chart, she pointed out things no other astrologer has before, and points that I have not seen in my own chart, which was very enlightening. Her communication was fluid and clear, as she used astrology as a language of puzzle pieces to link my past and present experiences, thoughts, and feelings into the complicated and cohesive puzzle that is me, without having ever met me… During our talk, where she matter-of-factly described the current transits and my natal placements, a couple of very buried personal issues surfaced and cracked open, because now I had a way to make sense of things that were just insulated in my mind and memory with this astrological language. I felt very validated and seen. She also intuitively tapped into past and current situations, as well as gave me very positive reinforcement based on transits for goals I’ve been stewing in and felt very far from. Also, just being able to integrate a cosmic timeline into my emotional and physical states helped me be able to say “ok, I can hang in there for 6 more weeks, do the work, take care of myself, and I will soon be clear.” That hope is huge when you are going through a lot of personal turmoil, both in your waking life and emotional space. But she doesn’t bullshit!! So this entire session felt like a combo of a mystical teacher, a therapist, a homegirl, and even maternal energy that left me teary (in a good way!) and highly motivated to keep doing “the work” and set my goals into motion. After meeting with several astrologers and working with astrology and tarot myself for the past 20 years, I can truly say that, to me, my experience with Lisa was one of, if not the most, authentic and valuable sessions I’ve ever had. I hope to meet her at a workshop one day; she would be a wonderful mentor and teacher. I’m so grateful.

– Kersten

Hi Lisa, “Thank you” is inadequate.
My daughter and wife listened to the recording and filled in nearly every blank in my memory. There IS a current pregnancy in my cousin and it IS with twins! Wow! So in summary by analogy, if you were a designated hitter in baseball, your batting average would easily justify the highest salary ever paid. Your gift is priceless. Bless you, peace, and warm regards.

– Stu

Lisa Salvatore’s gifts are life changing. I booked a 75-minute Intuitive Astrology and Tarot Consultation. Full disclosure, I am clean and sober 12 years and very open to spirituality and God or Higher Power. What Lisa not only confirmed in my life, but also taught me was astonishing. The feeling was like that of Bruce Willis in the the motion picture The Sixth Sense… when he finds out he is dead and then the entire movie makes sense to him. I kept thinking “How does she know that?” or “Astrology can be this accurate?” The best part was Lisa’s matter of fact way of presenting the information. It was direct, but with love. Not everything is great news, puppy dogs and rainbows. We are in these lives for a reason. But why not have a behind the scenes look to see why this is all happening. I truly felt like Neo in the Matrix meeting the Oracle. Now, “Am I the ONE?” We’ll have to wait and see. Lisa, thank you for this amazing gift and sharing it with the world!!!!

– Adam

What an experience! A good friend of mine gifted me a session with Lisa for my 50th birthday. I hesitated scheduling for quite some time due to fear. I admit I was afraid of what she would say to me, afraid that she would judge me or think I was a crazy mess due to the chaos I refer to as my life these days. From the second I met her all of that went out the window and I was at ease. She greeted me warmly and was nothing but kind and compassionate towards me. What a doll and an extremely talented woman (I say woman but she really is a girl, cute as a button). She knew and felt things about myself, my childhood and even my extended family that had me in shock and tears. Things I have never told a soul. This reading and this woman, truly touched my heart and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to meet her. I have already sent you some people Lisa! Oh, and if you are like me and scared or nervous, please don’t be. I get the feeling nothing shocks Lisa and her tact and professionalism is such that even if it did she knows how to keep you comfortable. Loved her! I will be back to see her again.

– Joanna

As a highly sensitive person, the first thing I noticed was that I felt very serene and calm in our exchange of energy. Lisa, you definitely had my best interest at heart and I know you take your work very seriously. As our call went on it became more apparent that your readings go very deeply into the soul. Your ability to use your intuition to expound, explain and illuminate my astrological configuration was amazing and can only be seen as a gift in my eyes. Very profound reading. You understood my intensity and what would benefit me in managing my energy going forward. It was interesting how you suggested boxing and that’s something I’ve been doing to manage my intensity for a while now. Good call, LOL. Another point that really hit home for me was your impressions of my relationships as you read my chart. A lot of what you shared was confirmation and has served me to be very resourceful towards my interactions with loved ones. It was a GREAT EXPERIENCE! I loved every second of our chat and am really grateful for the work you do! One last thing I’d like to say is that it is very much appreciated that you asked for my permission to reveal sensitive things to me as well. Thank You!

– Roman

What can I say, I found Lisa through a friend that had been to her before, and I am so happy I made the trip to see her. I could not believe how amazingly on point she was with so many things. She even made me cry (in a good way) with the things she said and just knew, (down to the names of people that had passed on)! Just a wonderful person, and very easy to talk to. She helped put my mind at ease, and gave me clarity and perspective in my life where I have been feeling very confused and uneasy. She truly has a wonderful gift. I am so glad I met her! I have already started recommending her to all of my friends and family. Thank you again!

– Jolene

I honestly don’t know where to start. Lisa has far surpassed my expectations and is someone I now rely on to help guide me in my journey on this planet. Her intuition has helped me navigate through some challenging parts of my life and she has been so spot on at times it has given me chills. She is honest, direct, and I know I can trust her abilities and insight. Recently, she did my chart and it opened my eyes to so much including my purpose for this lifetime. Having been seeing Lisa for quite some time now, I find I always leave with a positive feeling so much so that I have referred many friends and family members when they wanted/needed some guidance. Lisa has truly made an impact on my life and I appreciate the time spent with her because she is easy to talk to and is real. If you are on the fence about whether or not to schedule, don’t be. You will not be disappointed. Lisa is not only incredible at what she does, but she is an amazing person down to her core.

– Stephanie

Lisa- I just adore you. Not only are you truly gifted, but you are an amazingly sweet and grounded human being. The world needs more people like you, that’s for sure. You have brought so much to light for me and I look forward to speaking with you again in the near future. I still cannot believe how bang-on you have been with everything you have ever told me, both past and present. I’ve sent many friends to you, and they can’t stop raving about you. Bless you friend.

– Andy

I was recommended to schedule a session with Lisa by a family friend in August 2017. I had just gone through a breakup and was feeling lost and down. For some reason, I immediately went home and scheduled an appointment. I’ve been to plenty of psychics before, but a reading with Lisa was different. I felt so calm and trusting of anything she told me regarding my present and my future. There was not one piece of information that Lisa expressed that was incorrect; in fact, some of the things she knew and was able to pick up on were scary. Ever since this first psychic session, I have done an over the phone reading and reiki sessions with Lisa. As a result, not only do I have more clarity regarding my life purpose and direction, but Lisa truly healed me inside and out. I feel awakened, light, and happy. I understand happiness is an inside job, but without Lisa, I would not have had the mental and spiritual tools needed to get where I am today. I highly recommend booking a session.

– Christina

In the winter of 2016, I started my search to find an intuitive reader.  I was at an impasse and needed some direction.  I kept coming back to Lisa’s website and it just “felt” right so I made my first appointment.  My seat was barely warm before she started to give her impressions of major things that were currently happening in my life.  She gave me insight into my work environment and I have since taken steps to improve it. (Surprisingly, she even picked up on a close Pisces friend of mine and described a situation she needed to be aware of.) I see her every three months and there is consistency and connections to previous readings while shedding light on new developments.  I highly recommend a reading with Lisa. She is a gem!

– Keisha

Lisa is awesome, really spot on with what she does you won’t be disappointed… I just met her and I was amazed, that I can tell you.

– Bruce

Lisa’s reading was freakishly accurate. I have been to a number of spiritual readers, but she hands down was the MOST accurate and affirming. I will go again….and again to read with her. If you are debating whether to read with her, do it. She is life changing. She was able to name close deceased members of my family and explore current aspects of my life without hesitation. As a person and energy, Lisa is safe and warm.

– Aimee

During the months of Jan-Feb, I was feeling lost. I was on the verge of ending a relationship and making some major life transitions. After outreaching and reading with two other women, I finally booked a session with Lisa. She initially saged around my body and picked up some energy belonging to another person off my boots! I knew this was going to be a great reading. Lisa was able to channel my aunt and grandmother (names included). She was also able to identify my current relationship issues, as well as validate my decision to move on from a relationship. Lisa is warm, easy going and authentic. She gave me very detailed responses. Within a matter of days, my life changed and I feel more free/alive. I plan on reading with Lisa every 6 months. She even inspired me to explore the tarot workshop! If you are second guessing your decision to schedule, I am personally telling you to make the call.

– Angela

I received a recorded email reading from Lisa recently because I was too busy to schedule a session. I had a specific question concerning career and I simply downloaded and listened to the reading from my phone! I’d never met her before and reached out for the first time. Her reading was incredible. Lisa identified my current work situation and she even named the location of where she saw me getting a new job-exactly where I’d sent a resume the week before! She knew so many details about my career path, the exact number of years before retirement and other information that blew me away. The reading was easy and convenient. I plan on emailing her in the future!

– Helen

Lisa’s gifts are exceptional. I have been speaking to Lisa regularly through an extremely challenging and emotional life change. Her perceptions have astounded me and I have come to trust her guidance deeply. Her insights are direct, honest, precise and also very loving, wise and compassionate. She has been helpful in an exceptionally detailed way that has been of tremendous assistance. Her gift of insight and empathy amaze me and I have happily referred her to several friends and will again. Lisa, you ARE a gift.

– Jessica

Lisa-I am eternally grateful for you & your gifts. You have changed my life in so many ways after our meeting. You have truly opened my eyes and heart and I now realize where I went wrong. I got more insight from the hour I spent with you than I have gotten from years of therapy! You will be hearing from me again. You are the REAL DEAL & A GEM. You have turned this former skeptic into a believer.

– Gary

Lisa was very easy to get in sync with. She has remarkable intuition and was so accurate in what she saw, I was brought to tears. A wonderful experience and I hope to engage with her more in the future.

– SB

This was the first time ever having a reading with anyone so I was naturally very nervous. I found Lisa through a friend that speaks with her quite regularly, and praises her and her abilities.  After a horrible six months, I decided to take the plunge and call Lisa. From the moment I heard her voice I was at ease.  There is something very electric about her and very spiritual and I trusted her from the moment I heard her voice.   I am still, three days later, beyond floored and perplexed at all of the ways she “pegged” me and everything that I am going through!  When I would ask her “how did you know that”?!  She would simply laugh. I will be speaking to her in the future, guaranteed.

– Cindy

Thank you so much Lisa for our session this morning. I’m so grateful that you give the truth to me straight every time we speak. You will never know how much that means to me. My only wish is that I would’ve discovered you last year at the peak of all this so that I wouldn’t have been lead down a horrible path by the fakes. I guess everything happens in time though. I will schedule another session with you next month. Take care until then my friend .

– Bre

I have worked with Lisa many times and each time her insights are excellent and extremely helpful. I have referred her to many friends all of whom have similar experiences. She is thoughtful and kind — and completely in touch with her unique and precious gift.

– Jennifer

I have had several readings with Lisa and she has been spot on each time. Her insight has helped me make some major changes in my life that needed to be made. I have recommended her to several friends and family and they have all been amazed. She is a joy to talk to and goes out of her way to get you an appointment quickly. A reading with Lisa is not only helpful it is fun as well!

– Kathy

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