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Like many intuitives, I am creative and use several modalities when it comes to offering guidance and perspective.  Aside from being a tarot reader and astrologist, I’m also a spiritualist, crystal loving reiki master, and certified health and wellness coach.  On the personal side I am a nature loving -fitness freak and a foodie who loves to cook and spend time with loved ones.  We are all unique and have many gifts to share.

I deliver insightful and accurate guidance, combining all of the above.  My style is warm, engaging, honest and loving, but very straight forward!  I’m passionate about helping people heal and unlock their true potential – mind, body and soul.  I take a very humanistic approach to my sessions-meaning it is always centered around the person and not events.  You are the core of the session, and this is where we focus.  Everything else is a bonus.

I came into this life as an old soul,  and was naturally tapped into something far beyond the tangible.  I  just knew and felt things at a level that could not be explained.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve been able to read energy and people.  While “tuning in” has always come second nature, early on I would brush it off as coincidence.  However, as the years progressed, these coincidences were happening far too often to ignore. I eventually embraced these gifts, and through the art of tarot cards began giving readings professionally in 2000.

I refer to myself as an intuitive because I am not just reading the cards and astrology charts; they speak to me.  I connect to the spirit world easily and am highly clairsentient and empathic.  In other words I not only have the ability to know what you are feeling and experiencing during our session, but I truly feel and experience it as if it is happening to me.  Throughout our exchange I receive impressions and sensations via your energy – whether by phone, zoom or in person.

Although connection to your loved ones in spirit is common during our time together, it is not guaranteed.  However, you will always receive what you need and I strive to deliver you the best experience.  

Most say that my readings are of a “psychic” nature and often include predictions.   Others say a reading with me is more like a journey into their soul.  I like to say that I am just a down- to -earth woman that happens to have a strong inner vision and connection to the higher realms

I invite and encourage you to read what others have said in the testimonials section, read my blog, and schedule a session when you’re ready. You can always reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Much Love,

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