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Welcome to my website!

Hi I’m Lisa Salvatore. I am a Psychic and an Astrologer that has been practicing for the past twenty-five years.

I have conducted thousands of readings and given spiritual counsel to people from all over the world.

I deliver accurate and insightful guidance.
I work with my clients at the soul level, based upon their individual needs to offer spiritual support.

My passion is to be of service to others, through my natural abilities of foresight and intuition.

Through my connection to sprit and my knowledge of astrology, tarot, metaphysics and basic energy, I guide others toward healing and tapping into their true potential-mind, body and soul.

I take a humanistic approach to my sessions meaning: it is always centered around the person. You are at the core of every session.

Since I was a little girl, I have been able to read the energy around me and of others at a very deep level.

Over the years, my intuitive abilities became much more evident, and I was guided to begin to read professionally.

I connect to the spirit world with ease and am highly clairsentient meaning; I FEEL everything while I am in session with you.

Throughout our time together, I receive impressions and sensations via your energy and that of spirit.

I welcome and encourage you to view my testimonials, read my blog and schedule a session when you are ready.

I look forwarding to connecting with you.

I invite and encourage you to read what others have said in the testimonials section, read my blog, and schedule a session when you’re ready. You can always reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Much Love,

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