Full Moon Ceremony /Online Via Zoom

In Honor Of The Sagittarius Full Moon ♐️ A Total Lunar Eclipse!

When: Wednesday 5/26 (The Full Moon peaks at 7:14 AM EST)

Time: 7:30-9:00 PM EST

Where: Virtually Via ZOOM (Link will be sent after sign up ).

Cost: $20


Please join me on the night of the Sagittarius Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse Wednesday 5/26.

To meditate, talk about the current energy/astrology and just hold some space with all of the shifting that has been taking place collectively, but more importantly, personally.

Please be in a quiet space free from distraction for the duration of the event and also, be comfortable with having your camera on.

Have a pen and paper handy as we will also be writing a little bit, releasing what no longer serves us .  Intuitive message(s) for all.

*This is a limited space event, I prefer to keep these smaller for energy purposes.

Are you looking for grounding, inspiration, guidance and opening up your channels of creativity? Then this is for you.

An Evening With Spirit

When: Monday 6/21

Time: 7:00-9:00 PM EST

Where: Virtually Via ZOOM (Link will be sent after sign up ).

Cost: $75

Limited to 10 Participants

More On The Event- Meet Sheri & Lisa

Lisa is an intuitive reader/healer, astrologist and medium based out of NY, but works with clients worldwide.

Lisa will always connect you to something greater, but whether that comes from your higher self, your spirit guides or a family member on the other side’?  That is reserved for when you receive a reading.  All messages are highly ‘psychic’ by nature and for your souls highest good.

To learn more about Lisa, visit her about page

Sheri is a Psychic/Medium based out of Chicago but works with clients worldwide.

Within moments of connecting with Sheri, you will receive ‘hits’.  She has an uncanny ability to reach your loved ones on the other side.

Sheri is a certified medium whose sole purpose and passion is bringing healing messages from your loved ones in the spirit world. 

To learn more about Sheri, please visit her website here

Lisa and Sheri were connected through a mutual client and hit it off instantly. 

Both of these women are remarkable at what they do, particularly with significant names and dates and messages .  No matter what comes through during this event, you will leave feeling lighter and with a renewed faith and optimism. 

You will have a renewed belief that your loved ones never leave you, and that love truly is eternal.

This is always a healing experience filled with love, tears and laughter.

We hope you will join us.

Back By Popular Demand…’Of Stars And Soul’ Event

Hi friends...we introduced this workshop/event back in February, and we received amazing feedback! So much so, that there was a small wait list, and we've decided to do it again in May.

Please join myself and Grisella Ramos for this two-and-a- half hour event 'Who Are You Really'?

Have you often felt there was MUCH more to you, to your soul at the deepest level? Because there is! In this workshop, we take a dive into your Akashic Records and your Birth Chart.

Both your Astrology Chart and your Akashic Records house the blueprint of your soul. Vastly different, yet eerily similar, these two modalities present your soul with immediate validation.

Learn who you were the moment source created you, your Innate Gifts and how to manifest your best life, and more!

*These are 'mini' reads, yet extremely impactful and informative.

Most recent testimonial:

"As I continue to navigate through my spiritual journey, I felt called to attend Lisa and Grisella’s virtual event, titled, “Of Stars and Soul.”  I always wondered who I really was at my core, what my soul’s purpose was in this lifetime, and whether or not I was genuinely living my truth, and this event answered all of my questions in a warm, supportive, and intuitive manner.  Not only were the three topics mentioned above discussed, but I left this event feeling empowered in regards to my birth chart reading and what my soul is looking to heal and achieve in this lifetime.  Additionally, what left me speechless was the akashic record information I received during this event.  That said, I never understood how much of an impact my past lives have on this lifetime and the new knowledge and advice I received from these records unlocked the next level of my existence in every sense of the word- so much so that I can actually feel the difference in myself!If you are looking to take your spiritual journey to the next level or if you are determined to dig deeper and understand yourself more (in all dimensions and lifetimes), I highly recommend attending this event with Lisa and Grisella- two talented, goodhearted, intuitive light workers with a strong inner vision and connection to the higher realms".

-Christina M

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