Chiron In Our Birth Chart, Where Our Wounds Become Our Strength

Have you heard of Chiron?

Chiron is a powerful place in us that speaks to our abilities to heal ourselves,  and also to heal others.

In mythology Chiron was a teacher, a medicine man, a prophet, a healer.  He shows us that it is through our own wounding where we have the potential to become a warrior.

At the time that I write this Chiron is playing a major role in astrology as he in Aries, currently with the New Moon.

This powerful little energetic body asks us to go deep inside and define ‘who am I’.

Chiron is referred to as ‘the wounded healer’.

This is the place in our chart and our heart, where we may feel weird, insecure, inadequate, confused and/or displaced.  It is soul deep.

It is where we fear abandonment, either because it happened to us in this life, or our past-life wounds remember and we fear it happening again.

Do not be fooled and think because Chiron is considered a dwarf planet , that he does not carry a lot of soul meat.

Chiron is the key to unlocking a power house of energy, information, healing and soul growth.  The truth shall set you free.

For the next few weeks I have a special reading offer where we will focus on Chiron in your chart.  You can see that here.

If you would like to know more about Chiron, the mythology and my personal journey working with mine then please watch the video below.

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Gina Gurrieri
Gina Gurrieri
1 year ago

Is this reading in person or via FaceTime or another alternative for of audio communication?What do you need in advance to prepare for reading?

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