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Chiron Is Retrograde, Where Our Wounds Become Our Strength

Chiron stations retrograde Thursday 7/15 until 12/19/21.

Chiron is a powerful place in us that speaks to our abilities to heal ourselves,  and also to heal others.

During this retrograde period, it may feel like ‘ghosts from the past’ are coming back to haunt you. Although this sounds creepy and/or daunting, it is actually liberating and enlightening when you allow your fears some air time.

This is to show you where there is still a spiritual blind spot, a wound that still needs some tending to.

These wounds are not only accumulated through childhood and adolescent experiences, but more importantly these wounds are rooted in past lives.

This is the place in our birth chart and our heart, where we may feel weird, insecure, inadequate, confused and/or displaced.  It is soul deep.

In mythology Chiron was a teacher, a medicine man, a prophet, a healer.  He shows us that it is through our own wounding where we have the potential to become a warrior.

This powerful little energetic body asks us to go deep inside and define ‘who am I’ and ‘how did I get here’? ‘Where do I want to go next’? In Aries until 2027, Chiron is all about our basic identity, our personality.

This retrograde is a period of stepping back (as all retrogrades are) and going inward.

Chiron is referred to as ‘the wounded healer’.

He is where we fear abandonment, either because it happened to us in this life, past-lives ( likely both) and we subconsciously fear it happening again.

Do not be fooled and think because Chiron is considered a dwarf planet , that he does not carry a lot of soul meat!

Chiron is the key to unlocking a power house of energy, information, healing and soul growth.  The truth shall set you free.

Do not be afraid to dive inward and use the key of Chiron to unlock the door that houses your deepest pain, yet your greatest strengths.

It is no coincidence that the glyph for Chiron literally looks like a Key!

If you would like to quickly identify Chiron in your own chart, watch the video at the top of this post. I show you how to find it, and I also explain in detail what it means by where it occupies your chart.

Armed with this knowledge, you can dive in and do some soul work. If you need a private sessionli**@li************.com“> email me here.

Much Love,


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Gina Gurrieri
Gina Gurrieri
4 years ago

Is this reading in person or via FaceTime or another alternative for of audio communication?What do you need in advance to prepare for reading?

3 years ago

Beautiful interpretation Lisa!

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