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Full Moon In Capricorn Tomorrow- Intense As Can Be!

Good Morning All,

Tomorrow as of 12:07 AM EST, we have an illuminated Full Moon in the sign of the goat, Capricorn. *This moon is commonly known as the ‘Full Buck Moon’ to some American Indian Tribes, as this is the time of year that the Buck Deer grow their new antlers.


Whenever we experience a Full Moon, what is literally happening is that the Moon is exactly opposite the Sun. The opposing forces in our lives are highlighted under this energy.  Ego versus emotion, what we need versus what we want, our work versus our home.

The Full Moon will always exacerbate any inner tension, which can lead to external pressure, and then it peaks and drains our energy.  This is why many people experience a heightened emotional state and sleeping troubles around a Full Moon, as all of this energy comes up to the surface and shows its shadow.

Full Moons in general are felt energetically, some more than others. Consistently though, Full Moons are about release.  We had set our intentions with tenderness and optimism back during the gentle Cancer New Moon we experienced on 6/23.  As we have been gearing up to this Full Moon, it is time to take stock of the past couple of weeks and see if our plans and/or our goals, need revision.  We release that which is no longer working,  that which is no longer conducive to our growth, and we seek to make changes.

So we have an already intense Full Moon in Capricorn which is opposing the planet Mars, our most active planet.  We have the drive to get things done under this energy but the challenge is to think things through.  However, the biggest piece of this intensity is that this Full Moon is sitting right on top of Pluto, our planet of transformation and depth, realllyyyy ramping up the energy.  

This Full Moon is about fear, and facing all of our fears.  It’s our darkness, our shadow side and how we handle this when it wants to rear its ugly little head.  

This Full Moon is quite fiery and intense, as it brings with it a whole lot of Pluto aspects.  This is extremely important to understand, so please take note.  Not to be repetitive, but this is very intense energy people!  We are talking about an already energetic Full Moon in our Saturnian friend, the goat, A.k.a.- Mr. Capricorn.


Pluto rules the eighth house (8th) in Astrology- the house of death (physical and metaphorical),intimacy, sex, rebirth and transformation.  It is our resources, our money and shared property.  Where Pluto is involved you can guarantee intensity, and right along side this already potent Full Moon in Capricorn?  Well, you can only imagine what is brewing.

Pluto is ‘the garbage man’ in astrology.  It wipes away the crap in our lives,  taking out the old, making way for the new.  Pluto takes away what is not working properly, what is necessary for us to move forward- and is meant to transform us and ultimately, to help us heal.

Pluto is a slow moving planet , so these changes have likely been brewing underneath the surface for quite some time.  When left to its own devices, Pluto holds nothing back- if it needs to shift or be done away with, that is what this planet does and does so without mercy.  Look closely as events unfold and deconstruct, and then reconstruct all over again.  Haven’t you felt this all along?  What were you avoiding or leaving to fate?

There’s an edge to all of us and with all of our dealings right now, a fire burning.  This is where we feel the Mars fire and energy.  One false move, one false word, and structures can crumble.  You can get burned by the flames.  I say can because you can also choose to stay quiet and in your center, in your own light.  Don’t take your garbage out on others.

If you are overwhelmed emotionally,  psychically overloaded,  it’s time to step back and go within.  Take this time to do more soul work.  Honor your feelings as they come up and deal with them in a constructive way. You may choose to be a little introverted at this time and not socialize much and that is ok.  It’s a beautiful thing when you take the intensity and channel this energy inward.

*Personally, I have been finding solace in my solitude at this time.  I am most definitely feeling edgy and irritated.  When my energy is affected like this, it’s easier to be alone. Honor that if you feel it.  Go within, look at your triggers.   They are teaching you something, hone in on it.  Most of all-surrender and release as the real magic happens when we learn to let go.

Issues of self-esteem and self-worth may rise to the surface under this energy.  Do not let fear and self-doubt lead you into arguments with others.  Intuition is high, but so is paranoia.  This Full Moon carries a lot of fire/water energy, meaning it is not easy.  There is a disconnect between what we think and feel, and how we act.

In personal relationships there may be some manipulative behaviors going on.  Things such as jealousy, guilt-tripping and intimidation are all energies that may be coming up to the surface under this Full Moon energy.

Pluto is the undercurrent to all of this.

Take note: are you being manipulative with anyone or in any area of your life?  Check in wth your ‘higher self’ and be real here.  Is someone(s) working this type of manipulation on you?  Are you feeling uneasy with circumstances/people in your circle, your life?   If so it’s time to get your shit together and reassess,  and release these negative behaviors under the Full Moon.

While you cannot control what goes on outside of you, you most certainly can control the chaos within.  Know that when you and your intentions stay pure and true the universe has a way of conspiring in your favor.  It may not be today or tomorrow,  but it will happen.  Stay your path.  Just know that you are not cuckoo-the energy is intense and it may be difficult to navigate!  The More sensitive you are, the deeper you will feel this.

Happy Full Moon!

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