Special Venus Retrograde Event

Intimate Group Setting- capped at six people

When: Sunday January 2, 2022

Time: 7:00-9:00 PM EST

Where: Virtually Via ZOOM (Link will be sent after sign up ).

Cost: $65


Venus Retrograde Event/Group Healing. Messages for the individual, and for the group.

Decode your love and relational nature while ironing out some karmic kinks.

We hear about the Sun sign but what about Venus?

Did you know that planet Venus in our birth chart tells us so much about our true nature?  She speaks to who and what we are attracted to, how we love.  What we like and what we value.  Known to the ancient romans as the Goddess of Love and Money, she tells a story in our birth chart. 

Venus also carries within her, the keys to understanding any karma surrounding the above areas.

Remember: Karma is not good nor bad, it simply is the universal law of what just is, what we reap by what we have sown in previous lifetimes (if you believe in this).

In this event I will give group messages, and all will get a personal reading based off of their unique birth chart configuration of venus. The condition of Venus in your chart is SO important and trust me you FEEL it. Simply put: our subconscious patterns can limit us and hold us back, and simply bringing this energy to conscious awareness, can shift it….but the answer lies within.

We will unlock any potential blocks standing in the way of true fulfillment, to help you gain clarity and understanding.

This is extremely beneficial now as Venus is currently retrograde until the end of January, likely presenting you with Venus- issues for understanding, healing, release, growth.

*Please note that there are no specific requirements for this event accept curiosity, and the willingness to be open-minded and open-hearted. You will also need to provide me with your birth data, which is strictly confidential. I need this so I can cast your birth chart in advance. The form is provided at check out, and for my eyes only.

If you are feeling ‘blocked’ or ‘stuck’ when it comes to relationships of all kinds, this can definitely help to unlock some stuff for you.

Much Love,


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