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Full Moon In Pisces. It All Works Out…

Today, Sunday 8/26 as of 1:32 AM EST- we have a sentimental Full Moon in the sign of mystical Pisces.

A Full Moon happens when the Sun is opposite the Moon.

This highlights the polarities (opposing forces) in our lives.

These polarities are of an emotional, physical and spiritual nature.  It can be one area or all three, and each Full Moon will feel different based on the sign and planetary aspects surrounding the Moon.

Awareness and emotion reach their peak and are heightened around Full Moons.  This is why we feel more edgy and anxious around these times, sometimes not even being able to sleep.

The Sun is in the sign of Virgo as of 8/23.

Virgo is an Earth sign that is concerned with the daily duties we must perform to keep everything churning.  Virgo rules our physical health and our habits.

The opposite sign of Virgo is Pisces, where this Full Moon resides. 

Pisces falls under the element of Water and rules the subconscious.  Pisces feels and is deeply affected by the energy of everything and everyone.

Emotions are deep at this time as we sense that change is upon us.

Both Virgo and Pisces are mutable signs, highly adaptable and forever changing.

The major difference between these two signs is while both are very intuitive, Virgo questions everything while Pisces simply trusts.  This is is the Earth (Virgo) and Pisces (Water) polarity.

Under this energy, flashes of insight come quickly as we integrate both elements.

The energy around this lunation is powerfully sensitive and spiritual.

Our intuition is sharper than normal, dreams are extremely vivid, and we ponder the deeper meaning of life.  Why are we here?  What are we doing?  What do we need to address?

This Full Moon will have us reminiscing and revisiting circumstances from our past.

Some old wounds are likely to be prodded and reopened, however, we are now more willing than ever to address these feelings once and for all.

Eventually we get tired of running from ourselves.

We still have several planets retrograde, so don’t go forcing anything beyond what’s appropriate.

Fiery planet Mars will turn direct tomorrow, the 27th, right at the heels of this Full Moon.  Testy, Testy, Testy, we may be.  Take a step back and breathe.  Remember to really think before you respond.

Focus on within and everything without will fall right as it should.

Let go of control, be in the present.  This is difficult to do at times, but when we live in the past and in the future, we produce anxiety for ourselves.

This is a very emotionally cleansing and beautiful Full Moon.  

Yes it is deep and powerful, but it is not anywhere near as intense as the last Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on 7/27.

Under this Full Moon energy, take stock of all that you have.  Make a list of all the things you truly like about yourself.  Remind yourself how good it is to be alive, how the present is a gift that is often taken for granted.

Release the nonsense that might be dragging you down and holding you back.  Remove the negative self talk, silence the inner critic that we all have, if only for a little while.

Listen to your heart, tap into your intuition.

Use this time to be creative.  Pisces is the sign of the visionary, after all.

Enjoy this beautiful energy, and connect to your soul.  Have a check-in with yourself.  Pay attention to how you truly feel over the next few days.

We always have the answers inside of us, and it all works out somehow.

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