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Full Moon In Taurus Tomorrow- Very Loving & Positive Energy

Tomorrow, 11/4 as of 1:22 AM EST, we have a very intuitive, magical and romantic Full Moon in the sign of the steadfast and sensual Bull, Taurus.

First off, what is a Full Moon?

Technically speaking, a Full Moon is actually the time that the Sun is opposite the Moon.

This highlights the polarities (opposing forces), in our lives.

These polarities are of an emotional, physical and spiritual nature.  It can be one area or all three, and each Full Moon will feel different based on the sign and planetary aspects surrounding the Moon.

Awareness and emotion reach their peak and are heightened around Full Moons.

*This Full Moon is all about water.  Early American Colonists and some Indian tribes referred to this as the ‘Beaver Moon’, for this was the time of the year beavers were very active and traps were set.   American Indian tribes named this moon for the time the rivers started to freeze and the first snows and frosts came.

The Sun is in Scorpio which is the element of water.  Water represents emotion, the heart and soul, our intuition.

At this time, intuition is enhanced, we are feeling extra sensitive but in a good way.  More open with our emotions.

Our closest relationships will feel even closer and more openly loving at this time

The New Moon back on 10/19 in Libra was a lucky one as well and shares similar energy to this Full Moon.

We set intentions with positivity and optimism as planet Jupiter is/was also on our side.

This Full Moon is a continuation and assessment of the goals and affirmations we made, and set, at the  time of the last New Moon.

As Full Moons are typically about release, we fine tune those goals releasing that which is not constructive, while at the same time calling forth into our reality that which is.

The good luck continues as long as we can stay centered in our desires.

As long as we keep our values close to our chest, as long as we maintain our personal boundaries the way Taurus (Moon) and Scorpio (Sun) require, we can expect to feel fairly uplifted.

Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty- the planet that rules pleasure and money, rules the sign of Taurus which is the sign of this Full Moon.

She also rules the sign of Libra, which was our recent past New Moon.

*If you are a Taurus, Taurus rising or Taurus Moon, this energy is especially positive and auspicious.

This Full Moon is all about magic and optimism surrounding love of all forms and money.

We earn our keep with patience, positive emotion and determination.  This is Taurus.

The Moon is exalted (meaning at home) in the sign of the Bull, adding to the magic for everyone.

*Also important to mention that the month of November is eleven (11), which is considered a master number in numerology and is all about faith and spirituality.  It is considered the number of the psychic.

Taurus is under the element of Earth, and is a fixed sign.  Taurus is patient and methodical at its best, and Taurus will see their way through to the end with conviction.

Taurus is represented by the Bull, and the Bull can however, charge full speed ahead blindly taking out anything or anyone in its way.

We do not want to be a ‘Bull in the china shop’ at this time nor do we wish to provoke one.  We feel more docile with this energy, more peaceful.

We must practice patience and determination in order to harness and work with the lucky energy of this Full Moon.

We have two important planetary aspects with this Full Moon that are making the energy more magical.

Most influential is Neptune- the planet of the mystic, intuition and the soul.

Neptune is creating a sextile (easy, enjoyable aspect) to this Full Moon in Taurus.

Already impacting a very spiritual and intuitive time/month, this aspect will really heighten our sensitivity allowing us to be more emotional and ‘tuned in’ on a much deeper level.

Expect to feel closer and to connect much easier with your loved ones.  Family members and partners particularly.

Neptune with this Moon has intuition heightened, psychic abilities enhanced, dreams much more vivid.  Pay special attention to any and all impressions you receive right now.

We also have Venus (the planet of love and money)  opposite the planet Uranus (the planet of unexpected change).  

With this aspect as always, expect the unexpected!  Be open to new possibilities in your life, especially romantic if you are single.

If you are attached, look for ways to bring more fun and excitement into the relationship as the Moon and stars are supporting this.

If beginning a new romance keep in mind that because this is Uranus, it may be short-lived but it should be very impactful.

Financial windfalls are possible as well- it does not neccasarily have to be about love.

Still, be careful with finances as Taurus can get carried away with its love and need for beautiful things, creature comforts.

Try not to take unnecessary chances where money is concerned.  Remember- Taurus is typically cautious!

Slow and steady wins the race.

Speaking of slow and steady- I pulled a Tarot card for tomorrows Full Moon and used (appropriately) my ‘Sun and Moon’ tarot deck.

The Chariot, Card Number Seven (7)

The Chariot is all about controlled force.

Driving towards the desired target, with determination but not full speed ahead.

A little caution is warranted, but the overall energy is positive.

Sidenote- I love how the cards always depict exactly where we are energetically.  Even down to the detail on the card!  It’s nighttime, the stars are out and there is a BULL (symbol for Taurus, this Full Moon) /Cow? (it looked like a Bull to me upon first sight) right on the card.

Eventually, with controlled determination (hello, Taurus energy), we reach our goal.  Our eye stays on the prize the whole time.

Patience is a virtue when the Chariot appears.

Chart your course at this time, and keep moving forward.

As a Seven (7), this card is all about seeking the truth.  Nothing is ever quite as it seems, and it is time to look deeper.  Do not take everything at face value especially if your intuition is telling you otherwise!

Remember: with Neptune alongside this Full Moon, we have a little extra ‘psychic support’. 😉

Be sure to get outside (if weather permits) and work with the Full Moon energy.

Happy Full Moon in Taurus!  Enjoy the magic and enjoy your loved ones.

Be sure to tune in to my monthly radio show “Get Grounded” with Lisa , this Sunday 11/5 at 7:30 EST on WVOX 1490 AM.  You can listen live by clicking this link.

I have a special guest and one of my spiritual advisors (yes I get readings too!) with me to talk more about the energy of the month of November.  More on this Full Moon as well.

Astrologer Pamela Cucinell of Insight Oasis.

It is sure to be interesting!

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