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Full Moon This Sunday

We have a Full Moon illuminating the skies this weekend..and our emotions!

Sunday 3/28 at approximately 2:48 PM EST , we experience the height of the Full Moon in Libra. This is the first Full Moon of the year (the Astrological New Year) as we are now in Aries season, the beginning of the zodiac.

A Full Moon happens when the Sun is opposite the Moon.

This highlights the polarities (opposing forces) in our lives.

These polarities are of an emotional, physical and spiritual nature.  It can be one area or all three, and each Full Moon will feel different based on the sign and planetary aspects surrounding the Moon.

Awareness and emotion reach their peak and are heightened around Full Moons.  This is why we feel more edgy and anxious around these times, sometimes not even being able to sleep.

The Moon rules our subconscious, the raw emotions that lurk underneath the surface.

Everything comes to a head under this energy.  There is a tug of war between head and heart.

The Sun is in the sign of Aries (Fire) while the Moon sits opposite the sky in the sign of Libra (Air).

Those that will feel this energy of this Full Moon the strongest are the cardinal signs which are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Particularly those that have cardinal signs at their major points/planets which are Sun, Moon, Rising sign (ascendant), Venus, Saturn and North Node.

*If you want to go even further with this in your own chart, look for planets in any of the above signs that fall between 8-11°. These planets and signs can also give you more of an indication about the area(s) where you may feel exacerbated emotions and release.

Sitting opposite the Sun (ego), Venus (love) and Chiron (wounding), this Moon makes us feel much more deeply than the detached air quality of Libra is comfortable with.

We feel intense about our passions, for better or worse. Exchanges can take on a more serious tone, whether we intend this or not…the emotion is there ???? .

Keep in mind, Mercury is in Pisces until 4/3 meaning : our words, thoughts and feelings take on a more sensitive tone; even more testy than normal and highly take heart.

Our connections, our relationships are under the microscope at this time. The way we think, feel and communicate in our connections feels much more relevant, we seek to change dynamics where need be.

Full Moons are a point where everything builds up, where the light of the Full Moon shines on the darkness of what has previously lay dormant. This is good…clean out the cobwebs, release.

This is a time to purify all relationships, to cleanse out the emotional gunk that is no longer serving your growth. Libra is the sign of compromise and balance, also the sign of relationships, contracts, the marriage partner and yes, open enemies.

Aries is the sign of self, Libra is the sign of the other. Aries can be aggressive, where Libra can be passive-aggressive.

Harmony can be restored, if you are willing to go deep into the waters of this emotional Full Moon.

Where are the checks and balances within your relationship(s)? Are you over-giving, under-giving? Do you feel slighted or have you been neglecting others?

Most important: where are you neglecting yourself?

Striking a healthy balance between selflessness (Libra) and selfishness (Aries), is a theme under this energy.

After all, we can coexist and do so happily but it takes awareness and communication. Sometimes though, awareness leads us to a breaking point and then to endings..this is ok too.

When it comes to our relationships, we have the power to disengage gracefully when and where, necessary.

“You can’t always explain or defend yourself if they are determined to keep on misunderstanding you. How they interpret your words and actions is their own choosing, and how you protect your PEACE is yours”. -Dodinky

Honor yourself, honor your feelings.

Much Love,


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