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Gift Ideas For Spiritual Empowerment & Spiritual Peeps In Your Life

Lately people have been asking me if I have suggestions as to what they can give their friends and family for some spiritual inspiration this holiday season.

I have quite a few ideas that even if you are unsure of someones ‘spiritual status’, they will likely be tempted to dabble. 😉  Enjoy!

Sidenote- I have experienced and gifted everything on this list and am giving my personal stamp of approval!  Links are provided for each item as well.

1- Crystals For Abundance & Prosperity Kit

I often talk about the benefits and metaphysical properties of crystals, and I have noticed that many people while intrigued, are intimidated and do not know where to start.  Fret no more- this beautiful beginners kit comes equipped with real stones and details on what they are, and instructions on how to use them.

Who doesn’t wish to manifest abundance and prosperity going into 2018?!  

Bonus: it comes with a ready-made gift box!


2- Smudge/Sage Starter Kit

We all need a need a good cleanse now and again.  Saging/Smudging is a sacred and effective way to clear ones space and ones self of lingering, stale/negative energy.  This starter kit covers all the basics, and comes with everything you need to become sage-happy!

3- Aromatherapy Diffuser

I love this and have it in my bedroom.  It has a timer and can stay on all night while you sleep, diffusing helpful and healthy essential oils in the air.  It also has several different colored LED Light options for daytime and evening.

Recommended oils to start- Eucalyptus & Lavendar.

*The brands I stand by are Plant Therapy and Young Living Organics.

4- Angel Oracle Deck

Angels are always around us just waiting to offer their love and support.  Everyone can benefit from divine guidance.  This deck is beautiful and straightforward in delivering messages.

5- Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp

The benefits of Himalayan Sea Salt are many.  These lamps clear the air of impurities and remove toxins.  They not only look pretty, but they are great for anyone that has respiratory issues and/or allergies, or just enjoys the clean look and feel of the soft orange glow that this lamp gives off.

6- Zafu Meditation Pillow

I’m sure someone on your list could really use some quiet time!  Meditation, even five minutes a day is super beneficial for the mind, body and soul.  It helps bring clarity, supports decision making, and grounds you either before or after a long day.  While this comfy pillow may not force them into a dark corner chanting ‘ommm’, it may just inspire them to try!  This pillow comes in a variety of colors, has organic fillers, and is actually quite comfortable for a small, backless item.

Sidenote- have them download the free app “Headspace” on their cell phone if they are new to meditating and need some guidance.

7- Mala Beads 

There are many different kinds of Mala Beads (prayer beads).  These can be worn as a necklace, a wrap around bracelet, held in your hands during prayer, yoga, meditation, or just to wear when the mood strikes.  There are many different variations you can find, but I like these particular ones because the base stone is Obsidian which is a truth-enhancing stone.  Obsidian is a strongly protective stone as it shields against negativity.  Accompanying stone options are Tigers-Eye, Turquoise, Amazonite and Cinnabar.

8- The Gift Of Insight- An Intuitive Session With Yours Truly 😉

Everyone can benefit from an intuitive energy session.  Sometimes we lose our way, or we just need some clarity and confirmation to help propel us forward.  Perhaps you know someone that has never had an experience with an intuitive and you would like them to receive one.  A ‘soul check up’ is a great way to start the new year and to get a glimpse into whats in store!  Purchase a gift certificate here.

*Once you click the link, scroll down until you see the Gift Certificate options for each type of session.

Also, for every gift certificate/session purchased during this month, 20% will be donated to the Make-a-Wish foundation.

There you have it! I hope these have have given you some good ideas!

To schedule a session or to purchase a gift certificate, please click here.

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