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Happy Birthday Sagittarius- It’s Your Season…Neptune Also Stations Direct Today

Today, 11/22, the Sun officially leaves the still waters of Scorpio and enters the sign of positivity- the Archer, Sagittarius.

*If you are a Sagittarius rising or Sagittarius Moon, please follow this as well.

The Sagittarian vibe tends to be care-free, laid back, and ready for some light hearted fun, all while acquiring knowledge throughout the process.

They are ruled by planet Jupiter, after all- being all about growth, abundance, fun and expansion.

Sagittarius rules the Ninth House (9th) in astrology, and is all about philosophy, higher learning, our values and the higher mind.  Our belief system.  It is also the ninth (9th) sign of the zodiac.

‘Sag’ is a fire sign, meaning, they act, they have passion, they are fun loving.  Quite intelligent beings that are not afraid to go after what they want, as long as it is in alignment with their goals (which change often).

They are truth-seekers. 

The best way for them to embrace their truth is to admit, and enjoy, the fact that they are the ‘wanderers’ of the zodiac.  But make no mistake, ‘not all wanderers are lost’, and Sagittarian’s are most definitely not lost.

The way they seek their truth and knowledge is by moving around constantly.

Sagitarrius is a mutable sign – meaning changeable and adaptable. * Our other mutable signs are Pisces, Gemini and Virgo.

They love to meet new people, to travel, to learn about all different cultures and walks of life.  They cannot be pigeon-holed or stay in the same place for too long, or their soul will feel stifled.

The bottom line of this sign is that they wish to learn the true meaning of life- all the while feeling free and easy along the way.

Sagittarius is an honest and loyal sign but if you betray them, they will simply disappear.  POOF, gone.

No fight, no big drama- unless of course, you provoke them because they can, and will fight back!  They are fire after all.  They are also represented by the Cantaur (half-man, half-beast), the Archer- which carries a bow and arrow.  Do you really want to be the target of that Archer?

At their most positive– they are intelligent, funny, good listeners and good friends, honest and loyal.  Always up for an adventure, open minded and free-spirited.  This sign is quite optimistic and typically looks at the bright side of life.

At their most negative– they are careless and take unnecassary risks.  They can be brutally honest to the point of hurting people.  They can also be rather impatient, inconsistent, and over-confident.

                   The Tarot Card that Sagittarius rules is number XIV ( 14 )  Temperance

This card is all about balance and moderation.  Yin-Yang.  The coming together and merging of opposing energies.

Just like Sagittarius, this card is optimistic and hopeful.  Note that the image on the card has one foot in the water, and one foot on the earth?  This is a reminder to have fun, yes, but to also keep your wits about you!

This card is also here to remind us especially as we enter the holiday and Sagitarrius season, that moderation is key in every area.  Especially alcohol.  Again, notice the cups in the image?

Remaining centered and grounded is key at this time, as it seems that it is so difficult to be mindful and present lately.

The message here is to remain hopeful – balance is everything.  Maintain your faith even when it is most difficult to do.  Be thankful for all that is good in your world and if you look around, there is always something to be grateful for.

Also very important to mention- Neptune, the ”’God of the Sea”, has stationed direct as of today, 11/22.

It has been retrograde since this past June.

Neptune is the mysterious prophet, the illusory magician, yet at the same time, he can show us true beauty.

Sometimes we discover the gems after the Neptunian fog has been lifted, sometimes we are deceived in the process.

The beauty of Neptune direct is that everything begins to move forward again.  However, please keep in mind that Neptune is still the planet of illusion and confusion- the planet of  psychic receptivity, all things spiritual and subtle.

That being said, Neptune moving forward again is helping lift some confusion that has plagued us over the last few months.  Some- because remember, Neptune is all about illusion and mystery.  That which we may not always see, but we will feel on the soul level.

Some of you will feel that you are ‘waking up’ spiritually.  Some will still feel slightly confused.

If you have felt stagnant in any area, you should begin to feel some relief at this time.  A clearer picture should emerge, some decisions that you may have been feeling unready to make should feel more clear as Neptune goes direct.

Still, stay cautious and think everything through .

With Neptune moving in his natural direction, the subconscious butts up against the conscious mind forcing us to discern the wheat- from- the chafe in our lives.

We get real about the avenues we are taking to reach goals, we reassess how we are handling situations in our lives, if there are ways we can do it better.

Sidenote– we have a lot of other planetary aspects that are being felt in an extreme way and will continue on especially in 2018.  We are going to be experiencing astrological energy that has not been this way in 700 years! 

Think about that.

With this there is a fresh new energy, a burst of action- at least the desire is there to move things along.

Remember we are under the time of Sagittarius now, fire, action, power, and creation.

Sagitarrius demands that we get centered, get real about who we are, where we are going and who/what is coming along for the ride (or not).  This is why there is an edgy and anxious quality to the air lately.  The more sensitive you are, the more you will feel this.

The universe does not want us to stay in the same spot all the time, to play it safe.

Use this energy wisely and Happy Birthday to all the Sagittarius people out there!  May this be a time of blessings and prosperity for you.

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