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Hello 2024 ✨

As we embark upon 2024, keep in mind that the Tarot Card for the Year is STRENGTH.

Strength is number eight (8) in the Tarot, and the year 2024 is an 8 year.

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STRENGTH is at the core of everything that we do this year and as such, we will be tested but we will also level up.

An eight year is considered to be particularly auspicious, and predicts a time of power and prosperity. 

This is a year of personal strength and fortitude, courage, karma and abundance. Financial success and material abundance are possible, but we must tap into our own inner strength to overcome any adversity that might crop up along the way.

Work hard and stay focused, knowing that you have everything you need, inside of you to succeed. All of the abundance you desire, the universe has to offer.

Instant manifestation is possible, so remember that our thoughts and words carry vibration, they hold massive strength and power.

Focus on the positive, and watch it multiply.

When you find yourself fixated in the lower vibrational energies of doubt, fear or envy, ( hey, we are human after all ) consciously make the effort to reroute your energy, your intentions.

To quote the Roosevelts, comparison is the thief of joy, and nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.

We are all unique, beautiful beings with much to share. Look for the good in every situation. Count the blessings that are found within the lessons.

2024 is a year of both personal and collective growth as there is a huge expansion of consciousness that is taking place, on every level.

There are many important astrological shifts taking place, and it will be busy (more on that soon)! Again , check out the details for the 2024 first quarter insights right here.

We are all ‘waking up’ to reality in very different ways than before. As this occurs, it is important to maintain an open mind and open heart as we move throughout the year.

KARMA and DHARMA are very pronounced, and very, very real.

What do I mean by that?

KARMA is at play, stronger than ever.

What we reap, we shall sow.  All karma is dictated by actions driven by intention, positive or negative. Karma just is, and it is constant cosmic law.

Actions past will dictate a lot of the opportunities, and/.or loss of them we may experience, so it’s important to keep yourself in check. 

Recognize where you may have been the villain in someone else’s story, and energetically seek forgiveness, move on.  There is always room for improvement, and we all mess up at times yet it is how you handle it that counts.

If you have a villain in your story and you are the victim, the same concept applies. Chronic complaining and rehashing the hurt lowers our vibration. Yes, vent it out, be upset, be flabbergasted at the behavior but then the above concept applies the same, move on.

Remember: karma never loses an address. Not yours, or anybody elses so let go, do not seek revenge.

Make a vow to forgive them, reflect on the lessons that came out of the experience.  Energetically forgive them (my infamous F U letter and then burning it does wonders here)! Thank them for empowering you, and continue you on your own beautiful journey.

Reevaluate your DHARMA.

Think of Dharma as your moral compass. 

This is the spiritual code of conduct you live by.  Your spiritual discipline , if you will.

Jupiter has just stationed direct on 12/30, so this is the perfect time for a reassessment of our faith and our beliefs.  Are we acting in accordance and alignment with our truth? Your soul knows the truth, your intuition will alert you when you have gone off track. 

Trust it.  Come back to center.

Final thoughts: in order to move into the present more clear, we must reflect on the past.

2023 was a year seven (7). 

This was a year of serious introspection, fraught with many challenges. These challenges were personal and particularly, in the area of relationships.

Through these challenges, massive spiritual growth and awakenings have occurred.  The inward focus of 2023 while at times may have felt isolating, has also given us the gift of inner wisdom and the confidence to move forward where necessary. 

Our intuition has guided us, and we have learned to trust it more, right?

Though it will take us a minute to feel the magnitude of the shift into the eight year, just know that we are getting more and more in touch with spirit, with our soul, with the truth.

We live in an energetic world after all, and we all have the power to cocreate our destiny.

In the words of Glinda the good witch , from the Wizard Of Oz

“You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”

One last sentiment I’d like to add about this year of the ‘8’.

Though many opportunities will likely present themselves, and in various ways, you must be discerning. 

Remember the concept of Dharma, for when we go against our truth for temporary satisfaction, long term we will always somehow, suffer spiritually.

All that glitters is not always gold.

In other words, do not just trust the surface.  Take your time making decisions, be discerning with where you expend your energy.

On the other side of that, that which may appear ‘dull’ on the surface? This can be where the real sparkle resides.

Stay open minded, open hearted and curious.

Have faith, work hard, create from the heart, and allow the little kid inside of you to come out and play.

May 2024 be an eye and heart opening year for all, with many blessings.

Much Love,


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