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Intuitive & Tarot Sessions

Sessions are a unique blend of energy readings, intuitive abilities and tarot cards.

As we begin our time together, I start to receive what I refer to as ‘pings’ off of our mutual energy. Before we go to the Tarot, I like to get a general energy read in which I connect with you and with spirit.  I am a channel for information for your highest good, and this will come through before we use the cards.

Tarot Cards are amazing and accurate when used correctly.  First off, please know that the cards are not gospel, and they will not tell you what to do nor will I.  Sure there is fate, but there is also free will.  The cards are a tool to tap into the unconscious and bring it to the conscious, providing perspective, clarity and possibility.

The tarot will lay out the energy surrounding situations, people and pathways to get you back on track. Sometimes however, we go off track and this is life.  Through these sessions we can pick up on potential pitfalls and how to best handle or avoid them altogether.  You may ask a specific question or we can focus on a specific area: remember that this is your time so you set the intentions for the session.  I do not have to use the cards at all and often do not, unless you specify that this is what you want.

During our time together, connection to your loved ones in the spirit world is common, but not guaranteed.  I also cannot guarantee who will pop in, but rest assured that if your Grandmother wants to guide your session, she will!  If your spirit guides and/ or other loved ones want to validate their presence, they will. See, there is no script that I follow because spirit guides me and I trust in their ability to convey insight and information in their own way and time.  My abilities are authentic and I honor and cherish them as a gift; a gift I love to share strictly for healing, enlightenment and awareness.

I ask you remain open and loving throughout the session and trust that you will receive what you need out of our time together.  I always work with utmost integrity and compassion and strive to deliver the best experience possible.

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