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Jupiter Moves From Libra Into Scorpio Today- What This Means And How To Find It In Your Own Chart

I promised more on the energy of October, and here it is.

An astrological ‘biggie’ happens today.

Jupiter leaves the sign of Libra and enters the sign of Scorpio, where it will stay for the next eighteen (18) months, until 11/8/18.

While there have definitely been more energetically-charged and chaotic months this year (example- February and September), October has a a lot of energetic shifting happening that is extremely important, and will be felt.

Perhaps it is because the Sun is in the element of Air, in the sign of Libra, it feels more docile.  It matter not.

Rest assured, there is still quite a bit going on in the cosmos, and well:

As Above So Below

Today, October 10, 2017- Jupiter moves from the diplomatic and passive sign of Libra, into the intense and emotional sign of Scorpio.  Let’s talk about the 8th house areas (Scorpio) that will be highlighted.

This will be a long and lucky transit for Scorpios and other signs as well- however, there are caveats to the good fortune that Jupiter may bestow.  We need to do our soul work in order to truly benefit.

We need to go deep.

Scorpio investigates and uncovers.

Let’s back up a moment.

Jupiter is considered ‘the great benefactor’ in astrology.  It is the planet of expansion, growth and abundance.

Any place in a persons birth chart that Jupiter touches is sure to have a little sprinkle of fairy dust, some extra luck.

*If you are interested, The post below this one will talk you through how to pull up your own chart for free.  It will also show you how to cast a separate chart for the Jupiter transit and what area it will highlight for you, individually.  Remember, for everyone it is different.

When Jupiter was in Libra, we strived to have everything fair and just- and when it wasn’t, we were able to explain it away, to place the blame elsewhere.  The nightly news became a fixation.

With Jupiter in Scorpio now, we cannot simply justify.  Scorpio needs answers.

We need to go deep, to explore, to get to the bottom of it all, to uncover.

Then when we get to the bottom we simply come up for one quick breath of air before we dive deep within the Scorpions waters, yet again.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, and rules the eighth (8th) house in astrology.

This is the sign and house of sex, other peoples money and resources, power and possession.

Transformation happens here. 

Death and rebirth- both physically and metaphorically.  Keep in mind that ‘death’ here simply translates to ‘permanence’.

Scorpio rules sex.

Reproductive rights have been a hot-button issue for all and will continue to expand (Jupiter) in importance over the next year.

Think Planned Parenthood & Roe Vs. Wade- 2018 mid-term elections. 

This Jupiter in Scorpio transit will likely be very beneficial to womens sexual health and reproductive rights.

Our own sexuality also comes into question at this time.  Who are we?  What makes us happy?  Do we express our true sexual nature?  Do we suppress it ?  Why?

Wounds surrounding these areas will come up to be addressed.

During this transit, you will likely look to go deeper into your relationships, rather than searching outside.

Exploring and looking to understand any jealous or possessive feelings you experience is also likely- but Scorpio is private.  So nobody will know you are doing this.

Keep in mind: Scorpio hides.

Be mindful with Jupiter in this sign that you do not go to extremes in these 8th house issues/areas!  If so, there may be consequences.

Another Jupiter lesson here is that too much of a good thing can be detrimental.  Remain humble and aware!

Scorpio rules money- particularly, other peoples. 

It is likely that this will be an abundant time for the stock market, as Jupiter makes people more inclined to take risks and gamble with their investments.

Keep in mind that Jupiter can also breed overconfidence.  Great loss is also possible- without the proper see through.  Use your head and don’t get too cocky!

Siednote- Might I mention which Tarot Card Jupiter Rules?

Number Ten (X)- The Wheel Of Fortune

This is not a coincidence.

This is a card of chance.  A ‘Wild Card’ in the Tarot.

The Wheel turns, we can hear fate cackling in the wind.  Will the Wheel stop at good fortune?  OR-better luck next time?  We don’t know.  What we do know is that we feel destined to take the chance.  This is Jupiter.

Going even deeper, the number ten (10) represents the ending of one cycle, and the very beginning of another.  The dawn of a new day.  This is Jupiter in Scorpio.

Going back to money.

Some of us may uncover funds we were unaware of.  Perhaps money is owed and we finally receive it.  Perhaps we play the lotto, and we win.  An inheritance we were not expecting- a windfall appears.  This is all Jupiter in Scorpio.  *Again, this is why it is important to check your own chart.  If Jupiter in Scorpio is hitting your second (2nd) house in your chart, this is even more likely as that is the house of finances.

Death And Rebirth-The Afterlife.

Scorpio is a mystical sign.  Scorpio is very interested in the paranormal, the esoteric side of life.

Under this transit, you may find yourself really missing loved ones.  Wanting confirmation of the afterlife, and a knowing that our souls truly live on.  This is most definitely true, and you will seek confirmation of this through books, mediums and other channels.

There will be questioning of what happens to us after we leave the earth plane.

Past lives, karma, exploring our own soul through psychic readings are all very prevalent under this transit.  Since it is Jupiter, our minds and hearts are likely to explode with knowledge!  I mean that in the best way possible- this is Jupiter after all.

*A great book for anyone seeking comfort in the fact that life does go on after death, I highly recommend these two books

My personal favorite is this one

Regardless of what manifests for us personally and/or globally, or not for that matter- it is important to focus on what really matters in life.  Cut out the fluff- go deep into your heart and soul.

Focus on what you can control (inside), not on that which you cannot control (outside).

As Jupiter transits through Scorpio, we are urged to go after our hearts desires.

Scorpio is passionate and intense.

Bottom line: do not be afraid to dive deep into the waters of Scorpio.  This is where the healing and transformation occurs.

Jupiter is supporting us, but make sure you exercise caution as well!

Follow your heart in every area, but take your head with you!

*Scroll down to the post before this one to find how to pull up your birth chart and to find where Jupiter will be for you the next year.  See which area of your life/chart will be expanded and impacted by Jupiter in Scorpio.

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