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Last Chance: Still Some Spots Left For “Learn To Read Tarot” Workshop…

Hi All,

If you and/or a friend or two have any interest in learning how to read Tarot Cards, or advancing the skills you already possess, there are still some seats available for tomorrow nights workshop- Thursday 6/15 7-10 PM!  Please click here for more info-

major-arcana-smallWho would benefit from this workshop?  Well, most anyone!  As long as you have an interest and the desire to flex your intuitive muscle, than this ones for you!  The Tarot is a divination tool yes, but it is way more multi- faceted than that.  I also teach you the astrological components to each card (which signs and seasons each card represents), the numerological meanings and how they manifest, as well as the typical meanings associated with each card, characteristics,  and much, much more!

Tarot can help you to learn more about yourself, your soul, what’s really working for you and against you-  patterns and rhythms of yourself, your environment and sometimes others in your life.  More importantly, it can help you make educated decisions by giving you an idea of likely outcomes based upon which path you take.  Hope you all join us!

Love & Light,


Much Love,


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