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Learn To Read Tarot From The Soul ☀️A Journey Through The Minor Arcana with Lisa Salvatore

Here’s a sneak peek into this jam packed journey, through The Minor Arcana of The Tarot

Have Tarot Cards always intrigued you?

Are you someone that wants to:

Recognize and expand upon your natural intuitive abilities.

Learn the origin and meanings of all 78 Tarot Cards.

Trust your intuition while interpreting Tarot.

Become a confident channel for the cards…..and more?

If so then this go-at-your-own pace tarot course is for you!

More about the full course

On this journey through the Tarot you are not only learning the meanings of the cards but you are learning the art of intuitive tarot.

What separates a ‘meh’ Tarot Reading from one that you remember in awe , one you often refer back to?  One that is not only ‘technical’, but intuitive.

Have you ever had a tarot reading where it felt like someone were reflecting your soul back to you? THIS is the kind of Tarot reading you should want to give….and receive!

In this recorded, comprehensive course that I have created, you will learn to do just that.

I have been an avid lover, student, reader and teacher of The Tarot for decades and am thrilled to bring this course to you!

You can learn more about me here.

Not only do we go over each and every card in detail, but we will also learn the basic numerology and astrology behind the cards (this helps TREMENDOUSLY when giving a reading, especially with timing techniques and characteristics)!

There is also quite a bit of bonus material in this course, such as (but not limited to): learning and practicing the power of ritual. Here we understand how and why, getting yourself grounded and ready is extremely important when reading the cards.

We go over tarot spreads that you can incorporate and demonstrations on how to work with them. We also discuss morals and ethics with reading The Tarot, and there is even an affiliate program! That’s right… if you love the course and refer to friends, YOU receive a financial kickback!

There is SO MUCH in this course, so check this page out for all of the details!

Please note that whether you are familiar with The Tarot or brand new to it, this course is for all levels.

You do not need prior knowledge of The Tarot to take this course.

If you choose to go on the journey… I know you will love it!

This is the deck we will be working with in case you do not have it.

I sincerely hope that you love this course, as much as I have loved creating it!

Don’t forget to Take my FREE 90-Minute Masterclass through the Major Arcana today! This has zero obligation for purchase, and will get you acquainted with my style to see if I am the right guide for you!

Much Love,


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