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Mercury Retrograde 10/31, The Last One Of 2019

Mercury will station retrograde for his last cycle of 2019, in the deep waters of Scorpio.

This will occur on Halloween, 10/31 and will stay there until 11/20.

Under Mercury retrograde travel, electronics, weather, and most importantly, communication can and will get a little mixed up.

*If you don’t believe this?  Simply pay attention and track the times of faulty occurrences and you shall see how legit retrogrades are and how they can affect us!

This is not that big a deal- with awareness, we can plan for potential mishaps and all should be fine.

Most important under this retrograde/Scorpio energy is our personal plans, personal relationships.

This is a time of quiet reflection and revision.  Rebirth and regeneration.

We look back on all the ways we ‘do’ relationships.

Do we hold back where we need to push forward?

Do we push forward where we should really reflect and hold back?

Are we giving our energy to the right people?  Situations?  Projects?

Mercury is retrograde and very close with planet Venus, the love planet, which is also in Scorpio.  This is deep, cathartic, sexy even.

There is a lot of soul- searching under this particular retrograde.  It almost cannot be helped, cannot be avoided.

Scorpio energy almost always wants us to swim deep underwater and get to the bottom.  Then, just as you feel you are about to drown?  You rise up and are reborn, you breathe freely again. 

This is Scorpio.

The ways in which we keep ourselves confined and limited are what we are looking at under this retrograde.

What do we need to do?  Do we need to act?  Stay quiet?  Speak?

This can be a beautiful time if you allow it to be.

More on this time period below

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