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Mercury Retrograde

Today 1/30 Mercury officially stations retrograde for the first of three times in 2021. This retrograde will begin at 26° Aquarius and will end at 11° Aquarius. Mercury will then station direct on 2/20.

For three- weeks speedy Mercury shows us where we need to slow down.

Fear not the dreaded Mercury Retrograde! Actually, take a deep’s not so bad.

You see, this is the beauty of astrology. What happens in the heavens, in the stars, truly does affect us emotionally, physically and spiritually. Awareness is what gives us the tools to work with these energies in a brilliant way, in a constructive manner.

Mercury is the planet of the messenger both in Astrology and Mythology; he is the bearer of news and communication. Mercury likes to reveal information to us and he is always speaking, we simply need to be open and listen.

This planet rules over technology, communication of all forms and travel. Mercury rules the conscious mind and strives to collect and distribute information for proper integration and understanding.

Also the patron of trickery, when this planet stations retrograde (backwards) the Mercurial waters get a bit, well, muddy! This means that the Mercury areas (technology, travel and communication being the most prominent) are the ones where we see/hear/feel the most disruption!

Think: internet outages, email issues, travel delays and cancellations. Most importantly: miscommunication.

Remember: Mercury rules the mind so a little extra mindfulness over these next three weeks will go a long way.

Proceed as normal, just pay extra close attention to detail before you sign off on that important document, or make important changes/decisions.

In the air sign of Aquarius, Mercury has strength. Therefore, so will this retrograde!

Gemini and Virgo folks typically feel Mercury Retrogrades the most, as this planet rules over their sign; however, if you have these two signs prominent in your birth chart elsewhere , you will be impacted. Aquarius will feel this retrograde strongly as well.

Consequently, if you were born during a Mercury Retrograde you may actually enjoy and find that you thrive during these retrograde periods.

If you would like to dive into your own birth map, let’s do it! Check it out here.

Overall, look at Mercury Retrograde as a gift. A time to step back and go inward.

REtrograde = REflect REvisit REvise and REalign.

All is in accordance to plan.

Much Love,


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