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Saturn Turns Direct Today- Why This Is Important

Saturn is a very important planet when it comes to astrology, yes, but it also plays a key role in our spiritual development this go around.

It has been retrograde since April 6th of this year.

Today, 8/25, Saturn goes direct-  returns to his perch.  Yes, in my mind, Saturn is a ‘he’.

Saturn is fascinating.


Why?  Because Saturn is our Karma.

Saturn is the keeper of time.

Let me break down how Saturn operates.

Saturn presents challenges to us which force us to step up and grow up.

These challenges will affect everyone differently, and the lessons will vary dependant on each persons unique soul path.

*The moment you took your first breath-  that is how this is determined.  Time of exact birth, which is your soul stamp.  This is how the blueprint of your soul or ‘birth chart’ is set.

This is never comfortable nor easy.  In fact, these lessons are often quite painful.

Saturn is the teacher, it’s the restrictions and limitations we have brought with us into this lifetime.

Saturn is all about discipline, learning, clarity and destiny.  When you learn your Saturn in your own chart and how to work with it, it can change your life.

When Saturn is transiting heavily somewhere in your personal chart, it can really kick your ass.  I would know, I’ve had it prevalent for almost two years!

Rest assured, if you do your work, Saturn ‘gifts’ you upon his departure (so I’ve been told- I will keep you posted on that one)!

Apparently when you do your soul work, you receive a nice, positive Karma nugget from the universe.

One of my favorite astrologers, Deborah Silverman, taught me that Saturn trumps everything in the birth chart because it never goes away.  I firmly believe this theory.

Working with your Saturn can change your life.

Instead of putting all of the emphasis on the “big three” in astrology (Sun,Moon & Ascendant) of a persons birth chart, I now include Saturn- every time!  So now it’s the ‘big four’.

There are many lessons with Saturn.  Saturn is serious.

So today Saturn turns direct.

What this means is that things begin to move forward again.

Frustrations can mount for some people at this time, while for others Saturn turning direct is quite a relief.

Projects get going, karma gets sorted, specific areas of our lives are about to receive a well needed remodel.

For those that are not afraid of hard work, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

You’ve processed and beat yourself up enough while Saturn was retrograde, and now it’s time to act.

Saturn direct is like the ”wind beneath your wings’ , moving you along where you may have been stuck while Saturn was retrograde.

For those that are not content to learn the lessons and get down and dirty, well, this can be tough.

It’s time to get real.  No more coasting while Saturn is direct.

While Saturn was retrograde, that made five planets retrograde!  Now there are only four, the major being Mercury.

Take your time and examine where you are, where you are going, and what you still wish to accomplish.

Then chart your course and don’t be afraid to dig deep- Saturn is on your side now.

*If you would like a session focused on your Saturn, or the ‘big four’ just specify when you book, and we can see where you are along your journey.

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