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It’s Scorpio Season!

Today, 10/23, the Sun shifts from light and balanced Libra into the intense and introspective waters of Scorpio, where it stays until 11/24.

Scorpio falls under the element of Water, and therefore, is quite an emotional sign.  Very sensitive.

This sign is very intuitive whether they acknowledge it our not, and can be downright-psychic, depending on what else is going on in their chart.

Scorpio is also a fixed sign (other signs that are fixed are Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius).

Fixed = stubborn, determined and unwavering in their convictions.  Downright immovable at times, particularly when they know, or feel, that they are right.

Fixed Signs understand that steadiness is the key. Those influenced by this quality are happy to forge ahead with their projects, calmly working away until they have achieved their goals.

Hard work is not a foreign concept to Scorpios.  They know that in order to get what they want, they must keep their unwavering eye on the prize- and they have the determination and see-through to do so!

At this time, it feels more still as we go deep within and get introspective.

Scorpio asks us to go inward, towards the soul.

To investigate, find what makes us tick, where we need to transform.

At their most positive, Scorpios are : deep, loyal, emotional, truth-seeking, passionate, determined and sensitive.

At their worst they can be manipulative, very secretive, intensely jealous, possessive, vindictive when crossed, and moody.  Don’t piss off a Scorpio- seriously!  Remember: Scorpions can sting.

If you are lucky enough to have a Scorpio or two by your side- they are ‘ride or die’ for those they love.  Very loyal and faithful and you can feel that from them.

When the Sun moves into Scorpio- two ‘D’ words come right to mind.  DEPTH and DEATH.  The death part is not physical, rather metaphorical.

Scorpio is deep and gets under the surface.

Think about what Halloween represents: a time when the spirit world is more pronounced.  The veil between the two worlds is much thinner and more easily permeated.

Scorpio time is mystical.  We seek more information and confirmation of the afterlife under the time of Scorpio – more so than any other.

We also seek to transform inside and out.

Go deep and get to the bottom of issues, of others and their issues as well.

Scorpio investigates and uncovers, seeks truth, finds answers.

                 In the Tarot, the card that Scorpio rules is number XIII (13) Death

Many of times, I have watched someone shudder when this card appears.  But shudder not- I happen to love this card.

Can it represent physical death?  Sure, sometimes.  But rarely do I see this come up for physical death.

Death here is metaphorical.  New beginnings are imminent behind the death of the old way.

Change is good, although it might not feel that way at first.

Under the time of Scorpio, there will be a lot of endings.  Some of these endings will be forced upon us, while other endings seem more natural.

Still, they are endings nonetheless.

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, which also rules the 8th house in astrology.

Keywords: transformation and permanence.

Death is transformation and Pluto is permanence.  Think of it this way: death is permanent.

Where this card is involved, you cannot go back.  When Pluto decides it’s over, it’s over!

Something has ended, a clean sweep.

This makes way for new beginnings.

Shedding of the old skin, transforming from the inside out.  This is Scorpio.

The eighth (8th) house issues are likely where the transformation occurs.

Death, sex, rebirth, money and resources, intimacy and sharing.

Under the time of Scorpio- go within, get deep.

Do not be afraid to ask the difficult questions, to investigate that which you seek answers to.

Also- feel everything, even when painful.  Transformation can only occur with our acknowledgement.

After acknowledgement, comes enlighenment.

Happy Birthday Scorpio!

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