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A Few Simple Health Hacks You Might Want To Know About…

As a highly sensitive person, self-care has become a necessity for me.

Working with as many people as I do, I tend to absorb quite a bit of energy.

At times it’s my own energy that gets a little funk, and at times I am carrying around the weight of others energy.  This happens when and if I don’t cleanse properly, cleanse enough, or if I allow myself to get too complacent with my self-care (which we are all guilty of)!

Now, think about your day to day and all of the energy that you are coming into contact with: remember , everything is energy, we are all simply energy.  This means that you too, are absorbing quite a bit of energy!

Picture this: we are all human radios.  We all have our antennas, and we all emit our own frequencies and vibrations.  As you move about your day, you come into contact with many other frequencies, many other channels.

As this happens, we literally ‘ping’ off of each other.  Physically, you cannot see this, (well, I kind of can 😉 ), but energetically this is what is occurring.

Headaches, fatigue, irritation, brain fog, anxiety, and sleep issues are all connected to ‘energy overload’.  Yes, sometimes there are medical explanations for some of the above symptoms but more often than not, it is simply the fact that a little more ‘TLC’ and self-care is needed.

As you know, whenever I find a product or a ritual that is very beneficial and truly works, I will always share it with you.

Number one on my list and is so important: Water.  Not just any water either.  You want to get the most pristine, clean, pure water you can find.  Why is this so important?  Water keeps everything moving,  it alkalizes the body, it hydrates you (duh), and it is one of the main pieces to optimal health.

Still, many of us do not drink nearly enough of it and those of us that do may really want to look at the type of water we are drinking.

Not all water is created equal!

The below water filter will give you the most clean tasting water you can have, no joke.  Throw your bottled water to the curb for good by using this one- time investment pictured below.  Believe me, I would not have known that drinking water could be this different if I didn’t try it myself!

Below is the link to the direct website and product.

*If you are unfamiliar with Dr. Mark Hyman, do yourself a favor and check him out.  I strongly resonate with his philosophy on health.  I will not preach, just check him out if you are interested in correcting any health issues you may be experiencing. 

Anyway, he highly recommends this water filter.  For you science nerds, this filter uses reverse osmosis technology to get you the best drinking water possible.  Bonus: it sits nicely on your counter, you only have to purchase extra filters, and you get $100 off if you order directly through the website.

Next Up: Magnesium Cream for muscle soreness and fatigue.

*I just ordered their newest cream which also is infused with CBD (canibus) oil and Arnica.  I’m thinking it will be awesome, so I will report back.

Here’s the link to their direct website and other products.

*You can also order this on Amazon

Seriously, this stuff is magical for muscle discomfort.  Backaches, sore shoulders, leg cramps, etc.  Most times, lack of magnesium is to blame and this cream delivers a nice dose of it.

You apply it to the area(s) and you notice it is not sticky, does not smell too much or too unpleasant like most muscle creams, and you feel it working instantly.  You will feel a slight cooling sensation as it works its magic and gets into and eases the muscle aches.

Read more about this if you’d like here

How about some Apple Cider Vinegar? a.ka. ‘ACV’

This is the one you should be consuming….

Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the oldest health hacks out there.  It is claimed to lead to all sorts of benefits, many of which are supported by science. This includes weight loss, reduced cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels and improved symptoms of diabetes.  It promotes digestion, and is a natural probiotic.  It also provides a nice does of potassium and helps lower blood pressure.

I am a firm believer that too much of anything, you need to be cautious of but I have been consuming this daily for about ten years, with no negative side- effects or issues.  In fact, I feel it helps me in keeping my body on track.  I use one small capful in a large glass of water and only once a day.

Here is more info on it if you are interested

Last but not least, Epsom Salt Baths with added Lavender Essential Oil

This one is my favorite.  It detoxifies on all levels-  physically, emotionally, spiritually and it is super-relaxing.  Salt baths also provide muscle ease and will dry up and help fight or prevent any type of fungal infection.

*Important to note that if you have any serious illnesses or health-issues, check with your Doctor first to make sure you can handle the Salt.  Since it does cause a ‘die-off” affect of negative particles, you want to make sure you can handle it.

There’s many more I could add, but I think this is good for now!  I hope this has helped a bit…

Happy Sunday!

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