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Soul Mates And Karmic Relationships

This comes up often in the sessions that I have with clients, particularly compatibility analysis between souls.

I am sure you have heard both of these terms: soul mate and karmic relationship.

If you have not, allow me to explain what both of these terms translate into : an important spiritual relationship.

These are the connections/ relationships that impact you in a profound way.  Connections that have the power to catalyze you and help you to grow into your true self in ways you never dreamt possible.  These connections are mutually felt.

Sometimes, these relationships start off beautifully and stay that way.  Other times, they start off beautifully and end badly and/or abruptly.  Often times, they are temporary but leave a permanent mark on your soul, and you never forget the person.

Important to mention, these are not only in the form of romantic relationships.  

This is referring to any form of soul connection.  This refers to romantic, yes, but also to friends and family, and strangers that become like friends and family.

In the case of romantic soul mates and karmic relationships, the attraction is very strong, almost unavoidable.

It has to be or else you would not entertain the connection!

So let’s go over them one at a time.

Soul mate: this is a person who you share an easy and most times, immediate connection with.  When you first meet a soul mate there is an undeniable ‘click’.  There is a natural affinity here, and you just get each other.

Depending on where you are along your journey, and how or if you are able to recognize the connection, a relationship may form right away.

These connections feel great, because we just know .  Our souls always know who is for us.  We can suppress it or ignore it, but the feeling will always be there.

No matter how much time passes, you will always pick up right where you left off with each other, and the feelings will be just as strong.

The pull will be strong to a soul mate, because you are meant to acknowledge and take notice.  

A soul mate is meant to bring up areas in which you need to change or grow, or where you have been avoiding change.  They wake you up where you may have been stagnant or asleep, and they shake you out of your comfort zone. A soul mate will hold a metaphorical mirror up for you, for you to see yourself more clearly, like it or not.

This can feel strange and/or uncomfortable at times, as it may be unspoken.  It is at the soul level.

You feel naturally drawn to a soul mate in an inexplicable way, and the connection feels easy and comfortable.  You can 100% be yourself with no doubt or fear present.

My dearest childhood friend is one of my soul mates, and one of my ‘newer’ girl friends is also a soul mate.  Soul mates do not matter how long you have known them , because your soul knows each other long before you connect and incarnate here in the physical world.

We all have many soul mates in this lifetime, and our pets can even be soul mates!

Soul mates do not always turn into long-term connections, but most of the time, they already are and/or, they do.

Soul mates will always teach you valuable lessons about yourself….this quote below from the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” sums this up perfectly:

“A soul mates purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life, then introduce you to your spiritual master.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

Now, let’s talk about karmic relationships.  

These relationships typically start off with a bang.

The person or persons come into your life like a lightning bolt, without warning.

You feel some sort of disruption happening in your system and sometimes it feels great.  Other times, we feel it as a shock to our system, a slight discomfort, yet we engage anyway.

If you are totally honest with yourself, at the beginning of a karmic relationship you will later remember that you had a red flag or two from the start, but you were along for the ride at that point and not about to get off!

We engage because our souls need us to learn some very valuable lessons with karmic relationships, much like soul mate relationships.

The pull is unmistakably strong in both of these connections.

The major difference though, is that karmic relationships bring growth through pain, even when the relationship has its great times/points.  Soul mate relationships are more free-flowing and positive once they begin, and tend to stay that way.

An example of a karmic situation is when you attract the same type of person or situation into your life, over and over.  You dwell on it thinking ‘why me’, instead of realizing that the pain is trying to teach you something about yourself.  Perhaps it is about your self-worth or maybe just simply to humble you.

Karmic relationships, while sometimes great while they last, typically do not last.

Once the lessons are learned, we ‘graduate’ on the soul level, and feel the need to move forward.

When we don’t honor the expiration of these relationships, the universe will typically step in and ‘cut the karmic ties that bind’, for us.

Your soul will only heed the lessons of a karmic relationship once it is over.  Once you have had the time to process and move forward.

You can have a karmic relationship with anybody in your life. Romance, friends, co-workers.  Our family relationships are very karmic always, for better or worse.

This quote depicts the karmic relationships, perfectly:

“When it comes to karmic relationships, it’s not about ending the relationship. It’s about ending the karma.”


Think about it- those that treat us poorly teach us to value ourselves.  Those that treat us wonderfully without asking for anything in return, can teach us to take advantage of other peoples goodness, or to be more loving, ourselves.  It works both ways in karmic relationships.

No matter what the lesson(s) in soul mate/karmic connections, they will always be looked upon as cathartic and valuable.

More and more people are becoming awakened to their spiritual path, their true essence.  This is why a lot of soul mates and karmic relationships are coming together, because there is work to do!

Think about it…..and check out my astrology sessions here which typically identify, and work to clear…you guessed it! One’s karma or, Dharma, which both refer to cosmic law.

Much Love,


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3 years ago

What an AMAZING interpretation of what our many relationships truly represent in our souls growth! ????

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