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The Taurus Archetype ✨Welcoming Taurus Season

Taurus season has sprung!

Friday 4/19 at 10:00 AM ET, the Sun leaves the action-oriented fire sign of Aries, and shifts into the steadfast and practical Earth sign of Taurus.

When the Sun leaves one sign and shifts into the next, the collective tone and energy, shifts right along with it.

Time to slow down and chill a bit, yet we keep it moving and get it done all at once.

A mantra for Taurus is ‘slow and steady wins the race’.

The Sun will remain in Taurus until 5/20. Happy Birthday Taurus ♉️ … it is our season!

The symbol for Taurus is The Bull, and Bulls are typically docile creatures.

One of my favorite ways to describe Taurus (and Taurus souls) is like this: picture a Bull grazing out in the pastures. They have their head down, minding their own business. All they care about in that moment is that they can eat, they have their necessities.

Along come some tourists, and they begin to antagonize the Bull; they throw food, they tease, they provoke. One time, two times, three times, four…until that Bull cannot take any more and then they charge. Those horns come out , The Bull attacks in a rage of fury, and the tourists are left standing there shocked, and hopefully, not too hurt!

This is much how Taurus energy operates.

You see, Taurus does not typically ‘do’ drama, nor insert themselves in it. In fact, most true Taurus souls loathe drama (who has time for that? we can be eating) and will try and avoid it at all costs. They will however, dig their hooves in to defend and protect who and what, they truly love, value and believe in.

The bright side of Taurus energy is that they are loyal, connected, determined and logical. This is the friend you can call at 2AM to pick you up when your tire blows out, the one who will bring you your favorite ice cream when you are sad.

Taurus falls under the element of Earth, and is very much connected to the physical side of life. Taste, touch, see, hear, smell; it’s the little things in life that hold true meaning and magic for the sensual Bull.

This sign has great common sense and is known to be a problem-solver.

Humble and honest, Taurus are typically hard-working and dependable. They are there when you need them, and you can count on their word.

Taurus has a lot of endurance, and can keep going long after you think they would break.

Strength is a universal trait of Taurus, as is resilience.

The shadow traits of this sign and yes, there are some 😉… is that they can be quite stubborn as a fixed sign. Remember above, we mentioned digging in their hooves?Taurus can be very slow to make changes, they can be immovable for better or worse, and let’s not forget about that temper!

Sidenote: a dear friend of mine bought me a T-shirt a few years back that simply states: ‘Don’t poke the Bull’, with the Matador and Bull on the back.

Although slow to anger, once Taurus blows up that Bull can charge, (and at times may regret it after the fact). They also have a hard time asking for help, and will take on copious amounts of stress, often to their own detriment.

Taurus knows how to sustain what has been built.

If Aries season starts us fresh as the first sign of the zodiac, Taurus, as the second sign, is where we keep working, we make it flourish, we want it to last.

Connected to food, farming, and harvest (mother earth) Taurus season is where we plant our seeds, then watch them sprout; it is the season of fertilization for future growth.

Literally speaking, Taurus governs the areas of food, gardening, our physical (earth) and material (financial) resources.

Where Aries is go-go-go , Taurus is slow-slow-slow. We cannot rush anything under the Earth energy of Taurus. “To every season turn, turn, turn”, should be the Taurus mantra.

More on this particular Taurus season:

Just one day after the Sun enters Taurus, the planets Jupiter and Uranus for align at 21° of Taurus. This is an energy that will unfold and span over decades. Think: opportunity, chance and change. I go much deeper into what this all means both collectively and by sign right here in this video/reading.

On May 7th, we have an abundant and beautiful (although emotionally and energetically charged) New Moon in Taurus. This is the perfect New Moon for setting intentions! *Stay tuned, that reading is coming soon!

Take advantage of Taurus season and do all the Taurus ‘things’ that the Bull is known for, the creature comforts. This can certainly help to soothe the soul during these energetically charged times!

Buy yourself flowers, take a bubble bath, indulge in some fine wine and good chocolate. Get out for a hike, a walk, a bike ride, go to the farmers market. Get out into nature and take time to stop and smell the roses!

Savor the flavor and the vibe of this Taurus/Earth energy. Enjoy the small pleasures, the simple things in life.

Take some time to get out into nature, to drink in the smells, the sights.

Ground yourself, meditate, plant some flowers or herbs. Honor the needs of your physical body, your vessel.

Reconnect to your soul.

Tell me, are you a Taurus, or someone you love? How does this resonate?

For everyone: may Taurus season bring in many blessings for you.

Please note: I will be hosting a LIVE presentation/ reading for the astrology & intuitive insights of what’s to come May-August 2024! This will be held on Tuesday, 4/30. You can find all of that info (and sign up) right here.

If you cannot attend live? No worries, I have you covered! The recording will be sent to you within 24 hours of the event.

Until next time, take good care.

Much Love,


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