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A New Chapter In The Book Of Life 🌕 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 10/28

Full Moon Reading🌕🔥The Only Constant Is Change

Saturday October 28th at 4:24 PM, we have a profound Full Moon in the sign of Taurus.

This Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse, which is basically a turbo-charged Full Moon.

Technically speaking, this is a partial Lunar Eclipse. A Partial Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Full Moon, but they are only partially aligned. Only part of the Moon’s visible surface moves into the dark part of the Earth’s shadow.

Full Moons in general, occur when the Sun (currently in Scorpio), is in exact opposition to the Moon (Taurus), by degree and position.

This Full Moon takes place at 5° 9′ of Taurus and while it will be experienced and felt by everyone, it will be most impactful for all of the fixed placements: Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius. Even more impactful if your placements fall between 3-7° of these signs.

In and of themselves, Full Moons are a time of culmination; a build up of strong energy, increased awareness, intuition and emotion. Also a time of contemplation and strong release.

This Full Moon, however, is connected to the North Node which is a point of growth, hunger and increase.

With this Full Moon, new beginnings are imminent.

At this time, there is an increase in emotions , energy and everything in between; it is all more hot, heavy and focused. 

Spiritually speaking, think of this time like we are closing out one part of our story, getting ready to start a new chapter in the karmic book of life. This will occur for you in the Taurus area of your chart. *Don’t know what that means? Download your FREE birth chart right here.

Eclipses run on their own timetable, the winds of change , the hands of fate are all at work here and this is why it is wise to simply be. It is the time to allow and to trust, trust that whatever needs to come forth for you and through you, will do just that.

Resistance is futile but awareness and discernment are key.

Reflect back to November of 2021 and even more specifically, around November 19th as this was when we had our first Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.

Two years have passed, how far have you come? What has changed?

Again, check your chart to the area that contains the sign of Taurus as THIS is the genre of your story. This is where the Taurus themes have been playing out for you particularly in the way of your self-worth, your resources ( both material and spiritual) , your morals, values and power.

Reflect upon where you are ready for change, and where you may have been hanging on too tightly as this time period will serve it all up on a platter.

We will not have Eclipses here ( in Taurus ) for another eight years so it’s well worth it to track these energies for yourself, as it all connects. This connection helps us to evolve into the most conscious version of ourselves.

Take good care of the physical vessel. Get outside into nature, ground, take a walk. It is important to move your energy through these times of intense energies.

Full Moon Blessings.

Much Love,


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