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Download Your Birth Chart And Uncover Your Unique Soul Path ☀️🌕✨

Why should you get acquainted with your birth chart?  Simply stated, it is the roadmap of your soul!

Did you know that decoding even just the basics of your birth chart will assist you in unlocking your sacred, divine mission and spiritual journey for this lifetime? This can also give you tremendous insights into who you were previously as in: past lifetimes.

Your birth chart will highlight and validate your strengths and weaknesses, the challenges you have set up for your soul to work through, what you are driven toward and your various talents, your instinctive behaviors and so much more.

Check out this post for more details on what understanding your unique soul map (birth chart) can do for you!

You can simply take a screen shot of the generated chart placements. There is also an option to purchase a corresponding report.

This is NOT a reading from Lisa Salvatore and she does not write these reports!

Lisa’s Astrology consultations are very detailed, very intuitive, and very layered. 

A reading with Lisa will be unique to you, your soul and your journey; your past, your present and your path forward.

Just to reiterate, while this report will give you the basics of your planets for your own knowledge, it is NOT a reading from Lisa Salvatore.

Lisa Salvatore’s Intuitive Astrology/Psychic Sessions can be found right here.

Current Planetary Positions/Transits

What’s the current collective mood? Track the planets and the Moon phase!

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Marianne Pagano
Marianne Pagano
9 months ago

I love this!!! It will make it easier to understand and follow along with your vlogs in relation to my chart .Love you Lisa! I’ll talk to you soon. Going to make an appointment for a reading asap!

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