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How To Take Charge Of Your Destiny By Exploring Your Birth Chart

Learning the basics of your own birth chart is like following a map that leads you to the treasure.  

That treasure is self-awareness and enlightenment, a certain validation and sense of freedom that you needed yet may have never received or even acknowledged.

I refer to the Astrology Chart as theBlueprint of the soul”, and that is exactly what it is.

The moment you take your first breath, your chart is cast.  Your chart is yours and yours alone, based off of your exact time and place of birth.  It is your soul stamp, your cosmic flavor that will always stay with you.

Armed with the knowledge of your psycho-spiritual make up, you learn how to work with, or work on, your ingrained patterns and beliefs.

Psychologist Carl Jung said it best:

Truer words have never been spoken!

Once aware of your energy, and I mean consciously aware, you are then able to take different approaches for more effective results going forward.  This is such a helpful tool for personal growth and development.

Your unique birth chart holds the key to your personality and path

Decoding your chart will rock your soul in the best way possible.

Your birth chart is the energy that you possess and the energy that you project, the energy that pulses within you.   

We are all so unique, and this is why learning your strengths, and your weaknesses (we all have them), is so helpful and integral to our overall growth and happiness.

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to know, for certain, if you are more left-brained or right-brained?  

By the planets and their placements in your chart, we can see where you are more technical, or more care-free. Your chart can show us where or how you may be destined for fame, and how it may take place. Your intuitive nature and how you need to be nurtured can be shown by the Moon, while the ways in which you actually process information and communicate, is shown by Mercury in your chart.  

Often these planets are in different signs than your zodiac sign, which is why you can’t just take at face value that you are a Cancer, and will only identify with Cancer traits.

Knowing your birth chart will help you navigate all of your relationships, and lead you to healthier ones

There’s so much more than just your zodiac sign!  

The way the planets are aligned at the exact moment of your birth and even at any given moment in time can reveal so much about you.  

The way you give and receive love, and what you find pleasing and beautiful is shown by your Venus placement, where Mars shows your drive and who and what, you are attracted to. There’s so much more!

Through learning your chart you will also recognize patterns (karma), and the energy/people that you are prone to attract; energy to help move you forward and activate your own drive.  

See how intricate this gets?  

All of these planets are working differently and interacting with each other at all times. Some aspects work in a harmonizing way, and other aspects work in a frictional way.

There are so many working and moving parts in one’s chart.  So many karmic gifts just waiting to be uncovered and worked through.

But how can you work through something that you are unaware of?

Are you ready to look at the Blueprint of your soul?

Now is the timeGet your birth chart right here.

Much Love,


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