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Solar Eclipse October 14 🌒Rebel, Release, Relinquish

Karmic Crossroads, Fated Endings & New Beginnings

October 14, 2023 at 1:55 PM ET- we have a Solar Eclipse that falls at 21° 7 minutes of Libra.

If you have any cardinal placements around this degree, (so that’s Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer) this New Moon/Solar Eclipse may be more personal for you so please, go here and check your chart.

This is not a total Eclipse, it is an Annular (partial) Solar Eclipse yet it is very significant symbolically.

First, the technicalities of this Eclipse are as follows… is it is Annular Solar Eclipse, meaning : ring of fire.

This Solar Eclipse is where the Moon is at its farthest point from the earth known as Apogee. I explain more in the video, but as the Moon passes through the Earth and the Sun, The Moon appears to ‘eat the Sun’, partially blocking the Suns light which creates this ring of fire.

This is a rare occurrence, and will look spectacular for those in its path. *Please note, special Eclipse eye-wear is a must, as it is not safe to look at an Eclipse with the naked eye!

This Eclipse will be visible from many parts of the US, Central and South America.

We have not seen this type of Eclipse since 2012, and we will not see one again until 2039. In the United States, we will not see one like this until 2046 so astronomically and energetically speaking, this is a big deal.

Energetically and literally speaking, you can pretty much guarantee that there will be states and parts of the world that are a part of this Eclipse path, that we will be hearing a lot of news /changes coming out of for the next few years.

Eclipse energy unfolds over time.

The path of the Eclipse is as follows: the annular solar eclipse will begin in the United States at 9:13 a.m. PT (12:13 p.m. ET) and pass from the Oregon coast to Texas’ Gulf Coast, appearing in Oregon, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Texas. The lunar shadow will also be visible in parts of California, Idaho, Colorado and Arizona. The eclipse will end in the US at 12:03 p.m. CT (1:03 p.m. ET).

After leaving the US, the eclipse will cross Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Panama and Colombia before ending off South America’s Atlantic coast at Natal, Brazil.

Weather permitting, a crescent-shaped partial solar eclipse, like as mentioned where only part of the sun is covered by the moon, will be visible in all 49 continental US states, including Alaska (according to NASA). *You can use the agency’s interactive eclipse map to check when the eclipse will pass over your area.

Beyond the Eclipses, as we move through October I’d like you to think of this month as a preview into 2024. The themes, emotions and energies that are going on in your reality, and also that which is playing out on the world stage.

At the end of the month, we will also have the final Lunar Eclipse in Taurus for quite some time, closing out the eighteen-month cycle of the Taurus-Scorpio eclipses and also, the last Eclipse we will experience here for 9+ years…more on that soon.

Eclipses set the stage for the future.

These are times when doors swing wide open, and/or slam shut. Changes are upon us. Often times they are welcome, other times they are not but regardless…Eclipse energy has the power to reroute us. These are powerful portals of energy that consist of (but are not limited to) chance meetings, fated events, and a speeding up of the energies.

The North Node is currently in Aries, while the South Node is exactly opposite in the sign of Libra. This Solar Eclipse is a New Moon, close to the South Node in Libra. This is how we have an Eclipse, they must occur near the nodes of the Moon.

New Moons are the beginning of the Lunar cycle and indicate fertility, abundance and fresh starts. This is the time to set intentions.

Due to the fact that this is a South Node/ Solar Eclipse, it operates a little differently. This is a strong energy of release, with an even stronger emphasis on relationships, partnerships and our sovereignty.

This is the axis of Aries the self, I, me and Libra which is the the sign of relationships, partnerships, we.

There is a strong energy of shedding all that is no longer serving you so that you can show up in all of your connections more whole, authentically you.

If there have been imbalances in the your relationships (of any and all kinds), disharmony, strife…now is the time of revelations, ephipanies and decisions to move forward. With or without what has been with you before.

Karmic crossroads for all, in one or more areas of your life.

This is a time of redemption, reevaluation, recalibration on all levels, especially where it pertains to our connections, relationships of all kinds.

Remember to take extra good care of your physical body, as Eclipse energy can absolutely disrupt the natural flow, the rhythm of the mind, body and soul.

Rest, stay focused on your goals, dreams and desires.

Allow the universe to work in your favor, and practice the art of surrender.

Surrender to what was, to what is, and to what will be.

Much Love,


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